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Social Media Essay

Social media has grown to be a new trend of communication in the modern world. Today, many people use it daily and it has become the newest form of writing and a tool to express your thoughts, opinions on life and the society we live in whether it’s though text, email, facebook post or tweets. I use social media every day to the point where I have to check it every five seconds to update everyone on my daily life activities and others. Social media has changed the way people communicate with each other has a major factor of everyone’s lives including myself. Two very popular social media sites are twitter and facebook.

These sites allow you to connect with other people and share your activities, opinions and thoughts online by the form of writing. Texting and emailing are also a form of writing and is used by everyone today for communicating with other. There are many benefits that come with social media but also many potential limitations. For example, introverts are very shy when communicating with people in person but with social media it can help them become more comfortable with expressing themselves and talking to people. Social media can also help maintain long distance relationships with friends or family that you might not be able to see by communicating with them on sites like Twitter or Facebook.

There are potential limitations with social media and even dangers and one major issue is cyber bullying. Cyberbullying has a become very serious problem on social media sites and has led to many people being harassed and verbally abused through the form of this communication. Many people are depressed or harming themselves because of the cruel things they say to them and this is huge issue today that needs to be prevented. Another limitation of social media is focusing too much on it and losing touch of what goes on around you in real life. Many people invest so much time into sites such as twitter and facebook that began to lose touch with reality and their own social life.

Communication has evolved so much from how it used to be in the past and I believe social media isn’t finished innovating new ideas. Social media will develop new ideas with communicating with more sites and newer ways to contacts people. The future for social media is endless and it will only continue to grow. I imagine that one day we’ll be able to share our five senses and that won’t need a hand device to go on social media but with the use of your own vision. Social media has become a primary source of communication for the modern world. Regardless of the pros or cons it has become a major influence on me and many other people in this world. This is a valuable tool that we can use for writing and a stepping stone for communication that I definitely look forward to seeing in the future.

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