Smartphones Communication Essay

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Smartphones Communication

Smartphones are one of the most popular forms of communication all over the world. A smartphone is a cellular phone with much more features and applications that you could use to simplify your life. With this device you can send and receive e-mails, edit office documents, take pictures with higher quality, use GPS navigation and so on. What are smartphones mostly used for? Are the smartphones a facility or just a toy? Friend or foe is this device to modern students? I don’t have a smartphone. I use ordinary cell phone, but many of my friends and colleagues use such devices. My opinion is that more and more people use their smartphones to access the internet, send and receive e-mails, download files and stay in touch with their friends. This connectivity is a major advantage of owning a smartphone.

The opportunity of immediate access to data online wherever you are – at home, travelling or at university is a big facility. Immediate access to information is one of the main benefits of owning a smartphone. For example if you forget some seminar or open door lecture, just use internet to find the right place and time for it. People today can use their phones to order tickets, find restaurants, check the weather and make new foreign friends online. Тhis is a big plus indeed for our busy life. Smartphones help to keep people’s life organized. Their calendars and planners help us to make our daily schedule.

But some smartphones have very expensive maintenance, which makes them impossible for the most of students to afford. On the other hand smartphones, with all the entertainment options they offer, can be really distractive for owners in their lectures. Mobile phones can easily decrease attention in lessons. Constantly sending text messages and playing games can take you away from your activities in university. This is a wrong way to spend your time. After all I can come to the conclusion that smartphones are actually making life easier with their thousands of apps. But world, social live and communication are not in 4 inch display. Everyone has to make his own choice.

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