Should Students Study and Work Abroad

Subject: In the context of globalization, should university student have a few years learning and working abroad? As the world is opening and on-going globalized, many individuals assume that a couple of years finding out and working abroad is really helpful to students, boosting their work chances, having themselves developed and providing them intercultural experience. Personally, I am not an exception to this. First, college students learning or working abroad are most likely to be employable in big companies. As a researcher for a head-hunting business, I understand that résumes featured by experience of discovering or working abroad are more extremely focused and prior compared to those without such experience.

In addition, some certain big or foreign companies tend to hire those who have high level of English, along with their professional understanding. In this method, individuals frequently presume that students studying abroad need to possess high English skills as they have a beneficial environment to learn English. More importantly, spending numerous years living abroad contributes to the self-development of students.

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As in another country without much relatives or moms and dads beside, students need to handle whatever on their own.

This may be quite challenging, but also an opportunity for them to discover new strengths and abilities, and solve new problems. They may face situations that are wholly unfamiliar to them, and learn to adapt and respond in effective ways. Interestingly, learning or working abroad afford students a chance to travel, make friends around the world, and experience multiple new cultures.

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Although it is not easy to get through culture shocks, immerging in new cultures may give students new ideas, and perspectives about themselves as well as their own culture. The experience may enable students to see their own culture through the eyes of someone else, or to embrace new concepts, refreshing their life view when returning their homeland. In brief, it hurts nothing for students to spend several years studying and working abroad as it brings various advantages. As still young, students should come forward taking new challenges and changes through which they may improve themselves, and learn how to well adjust to an unfamiliar environment.

Updated: Jul 06, 2022
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