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Short Story for Environmental Science

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Essay, Pages 2 (495 words)



Essay, Pages 2 (495 words)

One day there was an uncommon threatened species of owl named Paul who a school named participated in Animal Rescue Primary school. On Paul’s first day at Animal Rescue Elementary he was assigned to an ecology class. The longer Paul stayed in the class he started to like it, particularly when the class reached topics like adjustments and contamination which fascinated him. The class focused on these topics, and topics like these for example they performed an experiment on how and why species go extinct and experiments on the results of the law of supply and demand.

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Every morning Paul had a various opening to fix before time is called, that included questions like “What is a population in an ecosystem?” Additionally Paul likewise liked to raise his hand to respond to questions like “What is biodiversity” asked by his teacher And Paul rapidly became a star student in his class. And all star students in this class get to select topics to do labs on and they have to conceptualize and vote on the subjects they desire to participate in so they came up with 2 topics which were symbiosis and niche, but only one can be worked on at a time so the teacher decided to go with specific niche.

The instructor chose specific niche because the meaning of specific niche consisted of the word environment which is the vocabulary word of the week, which is assigned every week and recorded. Later on that year a spelling bee had come up for the school and Paul needed to spell the word biome to be accepted into the spelling bee.

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Paul passed with flying colors. Paul’s entire neighborhood came to support the event, due to the fact that it is only held when a year. In the competitors Paul discovered words like threatened types and environmental science. And like the brainy act Paul was he spelled word correctly and made it to the semi finals. In the semi finals Paul finally misspelled a word which was usage, however in the competitors the only other rival likewise spelled the word incorrect. So another word was offered to the both of them which was types and both of them spelled it properly therefore the finals started and the word that was given at that point was earth. Paul spelt the word correctly but the other competitor didn’t so Paul had to spell one last word which was acclimation, which Paul asked for the definition because the word was all so knew to Paul and the instructor gave the definition “Acclimation- the act of adapting” replied the instructor. So Paul spelt the word and he had finally completed the spelling bee and won. Paul was congratulated on his achievement at his graduation which was only 3 weeks away. And Paul strived in middle school and high school and he went to college and graduated and became a teacher at the same elementary school that he graduated from.

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