Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and the city of Sarajevo

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Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and the city of Sarajevo

Who would have thought? A classic tale of two lovers swept away in a fight that they didn’t want any part of brought to life. It’s happened; maybe even different times other than with Bosko and Admira. The similarities between Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Sarajevo’s Romeo and Juliet are eerie.

Fights between two families, sides, religions, whoever or whatever can tear apart even the strongest bonds. In Romeo and Juliet, the two lovers are kept apart by a family feud that they want no part of, yet have to be. With Admira and Bosko, they are not exactly kept apart but forced to leave their town and in turn die together because of someone else’s battle.

The acceptance of your boyfriend or girlfriend by family members and loved ones can mean a great deal to the two lovers. If Romeo and Juliet knew they would have had the approval of their families, I highly doubt they would have done all the sneaking around and lying they did. However, in Bosko and Admira’s story, the two knew they were accepted in each other’s families. Their parents didn’t make a big deal over the fact that they belonged to different religions or were of different nationalities. This gave them strength.

Again, like Juliet and her Romeo, Admira and Bosko would have done anything for each other. Each meant the world to the other. After the war broke out, Bosko’s mother left Sarajevo, but Bosko stayed behind; everyone knew it was love that held him in Sarajevo. It was vise-versa for Romeo. He was banished, but love and the urge to see his Juliet one last time, drove him back.

The tragedy falls into place with the death of the two lovers in both tales. The stories have an affect on you when you read about them, it shows you what people would do for love, and what love can do to people. It also shows you what a foolish fight can do to those in love. You could say it tears them apart, but others would disagree and say it brings them together…


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