Shakespeare's Portrayal of Romeo's Love Life in Romeo and Juliet's Early Stages

Categories: William Shakespeare

Examine the way Shakespeare presents the relationship between Romeo and Rosaline and Romeo and Juliet in the early parts of the play.

* One of the most the most tragic love stories.
* Romeo portrayed as the quintessential hero
* Romeo characterised as young man transformed by love (upon closer analysis) * This can be seen in Romeo's initial interest in Rosaline, which is superficial and passive in comparison to the more complex and active relationship he develops with Juliet. * Shakespeare employs a diverse use of detailed language and literary techniques to illustrate this Paragraph 1

* Rosaline: Romeo's obsession.

Belief of genuine love but unrequited (quote) * Hyperbolic language(quote)
* Use of oxymoron’s – state of mind, turmoil (quote)
* Confusion stems from rejection
* Love is intoxicating, not enjoying his experience – metaphor (quote) Paragraph 2
* Convinced love is madness (quote)
* Love has made him lose himself (quote)
* Discovers love is futile – Rosaline determined to stay chaste.(quote) * Aesthete side is revealed when describing her, focus on Rosaline's physical beauty and attractiveness.

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Paragraph 3:
* Military language – love is a battlefield (quote)
* Language relating to death – focusing on aesthetics/ main theme of play * As if Juliet already knows fate (quote)
Paragraph 4:
* Light imagery – predominant feature (quote)
* Despite Romeo's great declarations of love for Rosaline, his feelings are actually fleeting, as shown by his behaviour when he spies young Juliet. (quote) He is smitten at first sight, * Contrast of light and dark (quote)

Paragraph 5:
* Romeo’s use of religious imagery – comparing meeting Juliet to religious
experience (quote) * Convinced that one kiss will clear him of his sins (quote) * Religious imagery – sees Juliet as a deity or a descendant from heaven (quote) – more light imagery * Reference to time – (quote) implies that Juliet feels the time is longer than it is before she next sees Romeo Conclusion:

* Different language used by Romeo for Rosaline and Juliet * Rosaline’s darkness opposed to Juliet’s light (quote) * Loses identity just like with Rosaline (quote)
* Large amount of biblical allusions used
* Explanation of fate (quote)
* Romeo relationship with Juliet more important than Rosaline – instantly forgotten (quote) * Not actually in love but with the concept of love.

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Paragraph 1| Paragraph 2| Paragraph 3| Paragraph 4| Paragraph 5| conclusion| Out of her favour, where I am in love| It is madness, most discreet| She will not be hit with cupid arrowAssailing, siege| It is the east and Juliet is the sunTwo of the fairest stars in heaven| Saints, pilgrim, holy, prayer, shrine| Arise fair sun and kill the envious moon| O brawling love O loving hate| Tut, I have lost myself, I am not here. This is not Romeo, he’s some other where.|

She is rich in beauty, only poor. That, when she dies, with beauty dies her store| Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear!| Thus from my lips by thine sin is purged| I know not how to tell thee who I am| Feather of leadBright smokeCold fireSick health| she hath Dians wit, and, in strong proof of chastity well armed| My grave is like to be my wedding bed| As a rich jewel in an Ethiops ear. So shows a snowy dove trooping with crows.| Bright angel Winged messenger of heaven| Star crossed lovers take their life| Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs| | | | I will not fail; tis’ twenty years till then| Did my heart love till now?|

Although, however, to begin with, despite, in addition to this, where as, contradictorily, in conclusion, paradoxically, nevertheless, to sum up.

This suggests, this demonstrates/portrays, moreover, possibly, doubtless, arguably, indisputably, unquestionably, undeniably, alternatively, conclusively, this signifies, this could represent.

On the other hand, likewise, similarly, in the same way, equally, it could be argued.

Consequently, as a result, therefore, thus, evidently, subsequently, ironically, hence, naturally.

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Shakespeare's Portrayal of Romeo's Love Life in Romeo and Juliet's Early Stages
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