Graded Assignment: Characterization in Romeo and Juliet

Now answer the seven questions below to demonstrate your understanding of Juliet’s character and some of the most important aspects of the play to this point. Be sure to answer each question fully and to the best of your ability, not only because this assignment will be graded, but also because detailed responses will be more helpful to you when you use this sheet to help you study for the upcoming Unit Test.

Describe how Juliet’s mother behaves when she comes to inform Juliet about the arrangement her father made to have her marry Paris.

How does Juliet’s mother’s behavior when Capulet gets angry at Juliet influence the way in which readers view Lady Capulet? Answer:

She encourages Juliet to become aquatinted with Paris. When Lord Capulet became angry with Juliet for not wanting to marry, Lady Capulet won’t help her. When I read this, I wasn’t that surprised, because in the beginning she was not very close to her daughter.

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But it made me view Lady Capulet as a mean person.

In what way is the Nurse different after the announcement of the marriage arranged between Juliet and Paris? How does the change in the Nurse affect Juliet? How does the change in the Nurse affect the way readers view her? Answer:

The nurse now, does not believe in Juliet’s “love at first sight”. She now believes that she should forget about Romeo for her own benefit. The Nurse is now viewed as an antagonist.

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As Act III ends, Juliet heads off to Friar Laurence’s cell. What does the fact that she will not give in to what everyone wants her to do tell you about her character? Answer:
She is very strong headed and kind of stubborn, and she will always still love Romeo.

How does Juliet’s refusal to bow to the pressures exerted by her parents and the Nurse reinforce the idea that tragedy is the only outcome that can be expected from these circumstances? Answer:
Because there is such a strict social “norm”, we know that Juliet’s rebellion was viewed as strong headedness, and that is not a desirable trait for a lady. When others turn from her, she will become desperate because she is so used to being catered to, and may act rash or dramatically.

Describe the character of Mercutio and the impact that he has on the play, both in life and in death. Answer:
Mercutio is smart, and well liked by most. He sets a good example for Romeo and Benvolio, he knows when it is time to fool around, and when life should be taken seriously. He is also calm and displays a confidence in his role, that gives people pause before they act harshly. Without Mercutio there to help his friends, the thoughts and actions they have become more rash. It is Tybalt’s slaying of Mercutio, and Romeo’s retaliation that leads to Romeo’s death.

Describe the language that Shakespeare uses when Romeo and Juliet speak to one another, particularly when they first meet and in the Balcony Scene. How does their language help readers understand the depth of their love? Answer:

The language they use is very decorative,he uses nature as descriptions of the love Romeo and Juliet share. There is also a polished or elegant almost quality to it, and you can tell that they have a deep commitment to each other. They use rhyme and metaphor, literary devices that make connections between ideas, emotions, and objects, that tells readers that they feel for each other deeply.

Tybalt is portrayed as a villain in the play, and yet his death is not a positive event. Why is Tybalt’s death bad for Romeo and Juliet? Answer:
Tybalt is killed by Romeo, to take revenge for the death of Mercutio. Romeo is sentenced to death, making it impossible for Romeo and Juliet’s to continue their relationship, and makes Juliet’s marriage to Paris almost certain.

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