Seeking Discomfort: A Journey of Growth and Transformation

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Hailing from a working-class family, I am Pukhraj. I am a simple, ambitious, confident, and cunning fellow. My father is a renowned doctor who transforms the lives of others with knowledge and a good vision. My mother, a hardworking pharmacist at Capital Health whose only motive is to love her profession with passion and dedication enforces me do the same. I have learned, from the very start, the importance of dedication, confidence, and time management. My family is what my parents have worked for, a completely happy and satisfied one.

Most of my friends and family members can agree that I am a good student and that I take education seriously. My favorite subjects are Biology and History. My goal is to master the subject of Biology and become and become a respected professional in the medical field.

I am a strong believer in seeking discomfort. I wasn’t always like that. I often found myself in the same loop of being scared, not wanting to try new things, only wanting to do the bare minimum in any task.

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I once read a poster and on it was written “Growth is painful, change is painful, but nothing is as painful as staying stuck somewhere you don’t belong” - Mandy Hale. After reading the quote, I immediately began to conceptualize the meaning. That’s when my life began to change. Life is spent in either two states of mind, we are either in our comfort zone where we spend 95% of our time, or on those rare occasions we venture out of it.

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Here’s the most surprising fact, it's that the moments we remember most in our lives are the few we decide to spend outside of our comfort zones. I remember that time I said f*** it and went on a totally unorganized adventure with an open mindset or the time I went skydiving with two complete random strangers or the time I signed myself up for a marathon and completed it. Sadly though, the norm is to live inside that comfortable bubble of going to work, watching TV, or playing video games, most of which we will not remember. So what if we readjust these percentages. What if we could make our lives more memorable. What if we make a conscious attempt to seek discomfort. Well, then we’d have a long life to remember.

I realized that courage is a muscle we can exercise. Being afraid is such an uncomfortable feeling that we avoid it at all costs, but if we continuously stay away from it, our experience of life becomes so limited. My biggest fear for as long as I can remember has been heights. I hated roller coasters, flying in airplanes, going into tall buildings. Moments like this are often the reason why we let fear control our lives. But by going on a rollercoaster, flying on an airplane, going into the Empire State Building, with an open mindset, I conquered my biggest fear. We are faced with challenges everyday, often holding back and not addressing the issue, but in that moment, if we attempt to seek discomfort, the satisfaction we get afterwards is stunning. Fear is just an illusion, we tend to think of the worst situation when it comes to our fears. But what I learned is that with an open mind, anything is possible.

When I was 16 I had not read a single book. I had a 2.6 GPA in highschool. I was intensely anxious 24/7. I was broke and cocky. Most of all I was clueless. But then I saw an episode of The Buried Life. It was an MTV show about four best friends who traveled the world completing items off their bucket list. I became obsessed. They were four regular dudes but they achieved the impossible. From playing basketball with Obama to sneaking into the Playboy Mansion.

Throughout every adventure they would always find a way to give back. It was a sudden jolt in my life. It gave me fuel to go after my wildest dreams. So, just like they advised, I wrote down a list of everything I wanted to do. From going skydiving to swimming with sharks to completing a marathon. Now, I am 20 and somehow I have gotten to this place that feels surreal. I am in awe of this life and my goal in everything that I do is to give what the creators of The Buried Life gave to me… a new perspective. I realized that my dreams are tangible, they are real. Anything is possible.

Updated: Jan 26, 2024
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