Secure Exemplary Support With Customized CrossNet Avaya Maintenance

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Companies that have a passion for great customer service aren’t shy about making an investment to deliver on their promises. You don’t need to shell out a lot of cash to get the customized maintenance services Cross has to offer CrossNet Maintenance goes well beyond the traditional approach, because you decide what level of support you need from their list of service options.

Cross takes pride in maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. Every call is picked up within seconds by a live person to ensure your system problem is diagnosed and working smoothly in the shortest amount of time possible.

That same culture and heritage is embedded in the people and the processes within CrossNet Maintenance Services. They know your maintenance needs, require a knowledgeable staff, and provide customized options with second-to-none support.

Experienced and Certified

The experienced Services Team at Cross ensures that your investment is being leveraged to its fullest. They have one of the largest and most advanced technical teams in the telecommunications industry.

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They are certified and well-equipped in the following fields in order to handle all of your communication support needs:

Administrative Support: ensuring that your solutions are synchronized
with your business requirements.
Advanced Engineering: in-depth knowledge of the technology and applications and an engineering team that includes patent-holders on key elements deployed in your solution.
Network Solutions: network infrastructure engineers who support the advanced routing, switching, security and wireless elements of your solution.
Professional Services: solution design and custom application delivery to meet all of your business communication requirements.

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Customized and Scaleable
CrossNet Maintenance Services allow you to choose a support solution that matches the needs of your business.You can scale your service level to meet your growing communication needs.
Cross has a national presence, certified consultants, and a large portfolio of solutions, able to support your growing organization as well as the ever changing advanced technology you have invested in. To meet all of your specific needs, Cross offers you the ability to choose the type of support you need, when you need it.
Some standard support options you can choose from include: around-the-clock support and emergency part replacement plans, on-demand technical assistance for planned activities, remote management services, and proactive monitoring capabilities.
Exemplary Support
Cross believes that customer support is a partnership with its customers. They don’t just show up when something is broken, fix it, and then disappear. Cross will help you make a well-educated decision, then provide you with the right resource at the right time.
Exclusively available for CrossNet Maintenance customers, they offer proactive remote monitoring, monthly and quarterly auditing, and the option to use a block of CrossNet hours for Cross Learning Services.
As an Avaya business partner, Cross is uniquely positioned to be the single point of contact for all of your converged communication solution needs. Whether it is an unplanned incident or a planned add, move or change request, one toll-free number is all you need.

By providing a complete portfolio of Voice, Data, IP Telephony, Wireless, CrossNet Maintenance and Support, Professional Services and Cross University, Cross has defined itself as a complete, end-to-end integrator of converged technologies nationwide.

Having one of the largest and most experienced technical teams within the industry, Cross delivers business transforming communications solutions that will create a distinct competitive advantage for our customers. For award-winning, exemplary customer service on Avaya telecommunication products, visit Cross Telecom at to meet your needs.

John Haines.

Updated: Nov 01, 2022
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