Secure Attachment Style Essay

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Secure Attachment Style

Secure attachment style is based on security, the comfort of knowing one is in a safe place, or safe haven. When in a secure relationship, one does not feel the need to worry when the other person is around. This is best illustrated through the relationship between a mother and her child. If their attachment style is the secure attachment style, the child will feel safe when his or her mother is around and will be more apt to explore his or her surroundings while she is around.

If something happens and the child is frightened, he or she will seek safety with his or her mother. If the mother leaves, the child may get upset, and when the mother returns, the child will greet her with positive emotions. Also, when coming into contact with strangers, the child may be open to them, but he or she will always prefer to interact with his or her mother instead. From, the mother’s perspective, when her child is hurt or upset, she tends to react and respond quicker to their needs than others who are not securely attached to their child. The mother tends to be more involved in the child’s life and plays with them more often when securely attached to her child. Overall, from the outside, looking at a mother and her child who have this attachment style, they seem to be more loving, and happy towards each other. Their relationship is considered stronger and more favorable than other attachment styles and is based on a high level of trust on both sides.

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