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With the progression of time, studies of violence within educational institutions support the expansion of these occurrences. School violence is characterized as any physical or verbal assault on an individual while on school grounds or on school property.

Gun Violence in Schools
Words • 864
Pages • 4
Gun violence, in schools, is a reoccurring tragedy that needs to stop now. Innocent children and teachers have been murdered in their schools for over 178 years. When is it going to end? The Bible is consistently talking about sin and the works of evil and how to give it all to Jesus but there’s one question I have for everyone. How can we teach more people about the love of Christ in public schools? Students and teachers should not…...
Gun ViolenceSchool Violence
School Shootings and Violence
Words • 461
Pages • 2
In the United States its has been a rising factor of mass school shooting. When this disturbance is caused by a student and targets classmates this become a big issue. However, school shootings leaves many parents teachers/staff and students anxious and aware of students behavior. School shootings can be a very dangerous and difficult case to solve because there are many causes that compose it to happen. One in five children and teens between the ages of 13 and 18…...
Gun ViolenceSchool ViolenceViolence
School Violence as a Social Problem
Words • 2027
Pages • 9
School violence has largely become one of the greatest issues the United States is facing in the 21st century largely due to the underlying issues that are present when violence in schools occurs. When school violence is in the news, oftentimes it is associated with school shootings. There are questions that need to be asked that involve the issues that led to someone committing such violence to hopefully prevent this from happening again, but it seems as if the problem…...
School ViolenceSocial IssuesViolence
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The solution of School Violence
Words • 1042
Pages • 5
The situation of school violence is now becoming quite a serious problem in most countries around the world. The report of the United Nations Office of Prevention and Control states that about 4-6 million students worldwide each year are directly involved in school violence. This data is increasing, making school violence a common problem of international education. In Vietnam, school violence is now a serious dilemma. According to data from the Ministry of Education and Training, in just one year…...
School ViolenceTeen ViolenceViolence
School Violence and Law Enforcement Officers
Words • 960
Pages • 4
School violence happens all around the world, some audiences target race and ethnicity and create a bigger problem. School violence is a major problem and can lead to bigger problems in the community, schools and surrounding businesses. School violence is not a topic to be handled lightly because with our children and staff who go to work every day for a living can have a bad experience physically and mentally for the rest of their lives. School violence is not…...
BullyingLawSchool ViolenceSocial IssuesViolence
School Violence in the United States
Words • 1749
Pages • 7
Throughout the United States, we will come across school violence. It has been one of the significant concerns about schools across the country. Schools are supposed to provide a safe environment for all faculty and students. When you go to school, you don't expect anything to happen to you because it's a building filled with students trying to get an education. School violence can be anything from bullying, sexual assault, rape, verbal abuse, and even worse to shooting on campus.…...
School ViolenceSocial IssuesStateViolence
Violence in Schools: Causes and Solutions
Words • 592
Pages • 3
The main purpose of the article is about School Violence. According to The World Health Organization (WHO) violence is “the intentional use of physical force or power, threatened or actual, against oneself, another person, or against a group or community, which either results in or has a high likelihood of resulting in injury, death, psychological harm, maldevelopment or deprivation”. From this definition, School violence can be defined as an activity that can create a disturbance in an educational system. In…...
FamilyHealthPsychologySchool ViolenceSuicideViolence
Bullying – Significant Issue in Schools
Words • 261
Pages • 2
Bullying has nowadays become a really significant issue in schools, hence it has become imperative for the teachers to understand the dynamics and consequences of the matter and to support them in any situations of this sort. This research study will explore areas which are highly affected by bullying and what are the factors affecting to bully. The main purpose of this paper is to understand how bullying is the harmful effects of bullying not only on education but also…...
BullyingBullying In SchoolsPsychologySchool Violence
An evaluation of the issue of violence and the role of technology in schools
Words • 1071
Pages • 5
Paper Type:Evaluation essays
In this essay my focus is on the ideology of existentialism, one might like to know what this word means, how it impacts our daily lives and how it will assist us in addressing issues that we find our self's facing such as the Zeerust incident (Gous, 2018) . According to (Crabbadon, 2007) existentialism is a philosophical approach in which emphasizes the existence of the individual person as a free and responsible agent determining their own development through acts of…...
School ViolenceTechnologyTechnology In SchoolsViolence
Bullying In Schools And The Effects
Words • 3153
Pages • 13
Bullying is a worldwide problem that can have both short and long term effects on its victims. It is described as aggressive behavior normally characterized by repetition and an imbalance of power. Hundreds of thousands of children are affected every day in the United States because of bullying. This behavior is damaging to all involved, and even those who are not, and should not be permitted anywhere in the school system. As you will see there is a great deal…...
Bullying In SchoolsPsychologySchool Violence
School violence, causes and solution
Words • 930
Pages • 4
School violence has been the cause of a great concern in the public for many years now. According to figures from the Ministry of Education, 8,000 cases of student fights have been reported by 38 local education departments since 2003 and 96.7% of Vietnamese students have witnessed scenes of violence in schools.School violence has been the cause of a great concern in the public for many years now. According to figures from the Ministry of Education, 8,000 cases of student…...
ChildChild neglectHuman NatureSchool ViolenceViolence
What is Super Columbine Massacre RPG?
Words • 712
Pages • 3
In the main website of the game, it described super columbine massacre RPG as delving into the morning of April 20th, 1999 and asking players to relive that day through the eyes of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the two teenagers responsible for the deadliest school shooting in American history. The visual quality of the game is not like the 3D animations that are so popular among gamers. Instead, it looks more like an old Nintendo game where characters are…...
Gun ViolenceSchool ViolenceVideo Game
The Growing Up Adolescents Has Become The Society Concern
Words • 736
Pages • 3
To date, the growing up adolescents has become the society concern. It is unbecoming of youths nowadays, who are responsible for the negative activities which increasing dramatically. From bullying in school to rape, our youth seems to be more daring and menacing. This could be due to peer pressure or insufficient guidance. What seems to be the highlight of the day on the newspaper incessantly should have been the school violence. School violence nowadays has taken to an extent in…...
AdolescenceEducationGrowing UpHuman NatureJuvenile DelinquencySchool Violence
School Violence
Words • 2528
Pages • 11
Introduction From the many reported and even more unreported events, school violence is seen as a subset of youth violence and a broader health problem. Factors that contribute to school violence are socioeconomic status, family, peers, and mental health. The best way to deal with school violence is to establish physical and social environments that prevent violence and promote safety within schools (Brener 81). There are many different forms of school violence. School violence could be seen as bullying, fighting,…...
Cyber bullying collegePsychologySchool Violence
How To Stop Violence In Schools?
Words • 246
Pages • 1
We all know there is violence in schools. Like in the past a couple of years there has been many shootings in school and I wonder how we could stop that. We could have a police officer on campus at all times. We could also have a group of students be a crime watch team. But the most important is to have kids be in a non-violent environment at home. If schools would have a police officer there, it would…...
School ViolenceViolence
School Environment
Words • 1367
Pages • 6
My school is situated in an urban area. It is a residential section of Maryland that is less than 7 miles from Washington, D.C.. One of the main things that affect the community surrounding our school is gang violence. It only makes sense that the outside community would effect the inside community. “Due to the increasing recognition of the consequences of school violence schools are taking steps to reduce school violence” (Johnson, Burke, & Gielen, 2012, p. 92). The staff…...
My School EnvironmentSchool Violence
Zero tolerance policy
Words • 1381
Pages • 6
We have heard of the Columbine shooting, where in the spring of 1999 in Littleton, Colorado over a dozen people where killed and many others were wounded at the hands of two students. Or even more recently, we heard about the Virginia Tech massacre where a single student killed thirty-two people and wounded over twenty more. University of Texas, California State University, San Diego State University, the list of school violence is long and heart-breaking. Students and teachers have lost…...
CriminologySchool ViolenceSocial IssuesTolerance
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Origins of School Violence

While there are numerous elements that contribute to the development of school brutality, the most widely recognized are the absence of communication within families and peer pressure. Many individuals tend to hesitate when it comes to vocalizing potential threats because of the judgment they may receive from others. The communication among school officials and students is not sufficient enough to influence the prevention of future mishaps. Early youth is a challenging timespan, contributing to the inability to act upon acceptable behavior and decisions being made. The impact of these tragedies causes victims to distance themselves from reality and lean towards isolation, while also undergoing signs of depression (Killam, Roland, and Weber).

Many people are becoming victims of school violence as a result of low educational opportunities for adolescents. School violence continues to increase because of daily exposure to media violence, peer pressure, and the lack of student education on violence prevention.

The rise in daily exposure to media violence and forceful conduct is influencing the actions of students and their capability to know right from wrong. The American Academy of Pediatrics has only proven this with years of research. The right cerebral hemisphere is proven to be impacted by this exposure and will become dominant over time. In excess of 200 investigations, it can be inferred that the introduction to savage computer games builds short and long haul hostility. It is sensible to reason that there is an association between reckless shooters and violent media, due to the result of individuals playing shooting games religiously. This unveils that extensive contribution to engaging in brutal computer games lessens scholastic involvement and diminishes the likelihood of future relationships and vocations. Media literacy advances self-comprehension, sympathy among others and additional tranquil association. It is meant to be used as an outlet for individuals to express themselves and create valuable content. When used in the correct manner, there is no reason to engage in any irrational activity (King).

The influence of peers has lead to an increase of disobedience and intolerance for righteous acts. Peer pressure may result in stress or assistance to the child’s mental health. When there is a stable bond between students it motivates them to excel and engage in positive outlets. Involvement in violent exercises increments fundamentally amid youthfulness. A school environment is critical in providing academic and emotional support for the participants in the institution. Without tolerance upon actions being committed by the students, there will be no room for evolvement. With intimidation comes the urge to impress others and have the reputation of being unstoppable and wanted. “Kegs and Jolley (2007) indicated that more than 50 percent of students may believe that the victims brought the violence upon themselves and that there is nothing wrong with teasing others who are different” (Killam, Roland, and Weber). With the mentality that most of these students have, it only contributes to how the adolescence is impacted by wrongdoing. As peer rejection is a possible circumstance it is reasonable to evaluate that this may lead those negatively impacted, to rebel and rely on violence to solve their problems. Modesty, for example, may make an understudy feel strange among his friends, in this way affecting him to be defiant or attempt to get seen using any and all means. Peer harassment adversely impacts mental alteration, which in this manner impacts school change.

It is likely for an understudy to take part in brutality in cases whereby their parents are continuously feuding at home and might utilize vulgar language. The understudy considers this to be something conventional because they do not know any better than to do what they grew up around. Grown-ups should remember that adolescents are susceptible and they will in general embrace their conduct principles from what is possible in their families. On the off chance that youngsters are not educated since the beginning about the outcomes and wrongs of viciousness, there is a likelihood that they will enjoy it later on in life. Bullying is also a factor that may influence the disturbance in a person’s actions. It can patronize them in a verbal, physical, or mental state. According to Haynie and Morton on page 51, ”Research conducted across countries and with diverse samples has consistently found that both bullies and victims of bullying demonstrate poorer psychosocial functioning than uninvolved peers.” This allows us to focus mainly on those who are involved both as victims or offenders as the main targets of potential violence reoccurring in a school.

Prevention Programs

Prevention programs are becoming a common necessity, as a result of the uprising of school violence. These programs are used to reinforce social skills and educate one another on how we can protect each other from any tragedies. “Developing a school environment that is too physically restrictive can impact the perceptions of safety and fear, so it is important to also address the social impacts of reducing violence” (‘School Violence Prevention: Various’). It is important that educational facilities incorporate the involvement of the students to reassure them of their safety. The participation within these programs will only strengthen the school community, rather than worsening the future outcomes. Many schools are implementing a zero-tolerance policy when in reality they should be encouraging a positive approach to handle disobedience. When there is no opportunity for a student to correct their behavior, there is no urge for improvement in their actions. Schools should set enthusiastically solid disciplinary estimates which culprits of the demonstration will confront, in the event that they neglect to comply with the establishment’s tenets and controls. As a result of insufficient evidence from a violation, students feel uneasy and discouraged from the humiliation and lack of trust within the school community. Educators are anticipated to readily oversee classrooms, help with settling disputes and advance positive connections among students of various foundations. Instructors are prepared to create positive and appropriate associations with them so that they see their teachers as a resource to solve issues or concerns (”School Violence Prevention: Various”).

As students go about their days, they tend to focus on drama and irrelevant occurrences which leads to school shootings. Without paying attention to the visible signs of those who may fit the part of terrorizing the learning environment, there’s no hope for improvement. Outside sources are necessary to assist those struggling with mental illness or those exposed to aggressive behavior. It is up to the administration and law enforcement to make sure these messages are coming across as necessary and needed to be taken seriously. As stated by School Violence Prevention, “As a result, it can be useful to view school violence on the same plane as the seasonal flu: an infectious and contagious issue that may spread to any student who comes in contact.” This is an example of how anybody could be involved in any sort of violence and negatively impacting the environment. Categorizing students based off of their actions is not the only factor that can distinguish a school shooter from a struggling student. It is the vulnerabilities of the people which could make things easier to pinpoint. The struggles of the students are only isolating them from reality and what is to be done to avoid conflict.

School violence continues to increase over the years and will only need more attention from personnel. The media is impacting the youth in a negative way, as it is only giving them ideas to use violence as an acceptable outlet. ”Based on their assessments of the research, highly credible organizations concur that violent entertainment causes increased aggression and violence” (King 20). It is a common reality for the youth to find joy in participating in violent shooting games and consider harm upon others to be civil. The outburst of disobedience among the adolescents will only continue to worsen and captivate them to participate in wrongdoing. Peer pressure is one of the main issues when trying to absolve any form of brutality. It can come in many forms such as bullying or consumption of drugs, which could lead to illogical activity. This is an influential circumstance where it can either impact you negatively or positively. Most people hope for peer pressure to be a gateway for good to be done in the community and as a source of self-renewal. The offenders and victims of bullying are one of the most crucial people to keep a close eye on. At the end of the day, anybody could be the school shooter or the one to jeopardize the innocent lives who attend school. Violence prevention programs are a necessary to end the horrific tragedies being faced in educational facilities. Without implementing these programs, there will never be an acknowledgment to providing a safe haven within schools. Most students who have been exposed to school shootings are left without any hope or tolerance any potential joy. Administration and law enforcement play a crucial role in enforcing these programs for students and faculty to maintain a steady bond. All in all, school violence is increasing due to media violence, peer pressure, and the lack of enforcement of violence prevention programs. School violences unfavorable consequences for framing individuals qualities and eventual fate of a country has just exacerbated and will proceed to. Savagery in schools is a social issue with a huge progressively outstretching influence which can trigger various negative results subsequently and is needed by the whole community to bring it all together.

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What is Super Columbine Massacre RPG?
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How To Stop Violence In Schools?
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