School Uniform Requirements: Effects On Student Academic Performance


It is proven that school uniform decreases bullying and increases self-esteem and confidence.

Every single school experiences some sort of bullying issue, it is proven that compulsory school uniform significantly decreases the amount of violence and bullying in schools worldwide. This was the reason school uniform was invented, to connect students and make them feel a sense of belonging. According to a study by Trutex, nine out of ten teachers believe school uniform helps stop bullying among students. Without uniform students face two main issues, bullying and anxiety.

Students can adopt an unhealthy habit of worrying very badly about if people will accept them for who they are and what they are wearing.

Students should not have to stress.


School is about education not about showing off your latest outfit. Students cannot afford the distraction.

If all schools choose to make uniform optional, what affect would it have on students. It is proven that uniform boosts listening among students and cuts down on distractions.

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This is the reason why seventy-nine percent of schools in Australia have uniform and will continue this smart choice in the future. Imagine the major fashion contests that would go on, people can’t help it they are always judging people, including their what they are wearing.

All-day students decide what to wear when to wear it and how it looks this is a problem.

Thirteen percent of schools in Victoria are single-sex.


Students spend day and night trying to decide what is right to wear.

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Is this a burden we want to carry?

Is this what we want? It’s us that have to stress, it's us that have an extra thing to think about.


In conclusion, why would we, the people being affected have to feel unsafe in a school environment because of something as simple as an optional uniform? Why do you think the school uniform was invented? It was to solve the many problems casual clothes present. I have talked about just a few of many issues some as serious as bullying and anxiety, time management, and distraction. Overall, the uniform is just easier for all of you.

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

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