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Romeo and Juliet is a story of two powerful rivals families, the Montague and Capulets

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Romeo is the son of the house of Montague and Juliet is the daughter of the house of Capulet. The Capulets cause most of the trouble in Verona. They are the most daring gang. They don’t stop until they are stopped or they are killed.

The Montagues are the most relaxed family. They try to avoid confrontations at all cost. They only fight to escape or they are forced into it.

This film is directed by Baz Luhrmann in 1997. It was set in Mexico instead of Verona because Mexico has more of the characteristics described In the original play in Verona.

They didn’t use Verona because now a days it is full of towns, lots of cars and factories, but in Mexico it has hardly ant cars and it has old churches and real life gangs. Baz Luhramm chose Leonardo Di Caprio to play romeo and Claire Danes to play Juliet. I think Baz Luhrmann chose them because they are young and famous.

This makes it easier for people to relate to them. He uses modern technology to make they film more enjoyable for a young audience.

He uses helicopters to get great overhead shots and fast action chase scenes. Baz Luhrmann shows the Montague family in bright Hawaiian shirts to show that they are more relaxed and easy going. He shows the Capulet family in black and steel heel caps to show how evil they are.

I am looking at act 1 scene 5 the party scene at the Capuliets mansion.

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Romeo and some of his mates managed to get an invitation to the party. Romeo dresses up as a knight in shining armour.

Baz Lurhmann wants this to represent Romeo coming to save Juliet because he is her hero and is coming to take her away from her evil family. Juliet dresses up as an Angel to show how innocent she is. Tybalt is dressed up as an devil and his gang are dressed up as skeletons I think Baz Lurhmann wanted to get the point that they are evil across to the audience. In the party Baz Lurhmann makes the party atmosphere by the music he choose and that the people are on drugs.

This creates a delirious atmosphere. The music is loud and distorted when Romeo takes the drug. The mood quickly changes into a romantic mood when Romeo and Juliet are about to meet for the first time and the song changes to ‘ missing you’.

The camera is used as Romeo eyes and ears when Juliet is dancing with Paris to show that they cant keep there eyes off each other. He is trying to show that it is love at first sight. When Romeo pulls Juliet away from Paris they run away from her mother and Paris like to kids playing hide and seek. They go into the lift and the cameras spins around to show they are dizzy in love Everything is mumble but when he says ‘these drugs are fast’ everything becomes faster and clearer. He sees Mercutio singing ‘young hearts run free but it is only the effect of the drug that makes him see this. When he is on the drug the lights starts flashing erratically and flash different colours to show how much a good time he is having. Everyone is dancing an having a good time, even Capulets is joining into the fun he sings a duet with Mercutio of ‘young hearts run free’.

He Doesn’t even care when he finds out that some Montagues are there. Romeo and Juliet are both looking through a fish tank then their eyes lock and at once they are under the spell off love, but the fish tank is a barrier between them which also represents their lives. Theyt don’t know they are rival familys that are at war with each other and there family would never let them be together. Romeo and Juliet stay close together even when Juliets mother drags her awayt to meet Paris; this shows that her mother has a strong influence in her life. The language in this film is much the same as in the play even throught it is set for a younger audience but Baz Luyrhmann uses and the extra scenes he enters in this film this makes the film easier to follow. Young people would enjoy this better than the old one. I would say that Baz Lurhmann achieved everything he set out to achieve.

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