Roles and functions of Healthcare Management Essay

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Roles and functions of Healthcare Management

Roles and Functions of a Health Care Manager


Health care managers play many rolls and preform many functions. In many cases, they are responsible for several lives at any given time and are in charge of any number of staff members. People in these positions must be comfortable with the work they are doing and be able to deal with the stress inevitably involved. They utilize the four functions of management to care for their charges. Those functions are organizing, planning, controlling, and leading (Basic Terms and Definitions of Management).

I believe planning is the most important part of management functions. Without setting objectives and determining actions to accomplish those objectives, our role as health care providers, in general, would be pointless.

There are various levels of management and all of them use planning as a major tool to ensure the organization runs smoothly and that patients are being taken care of. There are top managers, middle managers, and supervisors. The top managers, or executives, provide “organization’s major performance objectives and ensures that the rest of the company accomplishes the goals in accordance with the organization’s purpose (Lombardi & Schermerhorn, Chapter 1, Meeting the Challenge, 2007).” It is the responsibility of these managers to create and enforce the policies and procedures for the way to run a health care organization. Without these people doing their jobs, organizations would be in chaos and many would shut down.

Middle managers look after large divisions of organizations and report to the executives. They develop and utilize plans to accomplish objectives put in place by the big bosses. Supervisors, or team leaders, are the ones in the facility day after day making sure caregivers, CNAs, RNs, etc are doing their jobs and patients are being cared for properly.

Planning is an essential piece in the puzzle of management. Without it, the picture is not complete and we cannot do our jobs effectively. Throughout the ranks, it is important to see how each rank uses the same tools to accomplish different goals. This is what I want to gain from this class.

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