Robin Hood Swot

Perform a basic SWOT analysis on the situation Robin Hood is in. List the top 3-4 Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats that Robin Hood faces.


The more people that join Robin Hood the better to outnumber the Sherriff * His close friends have a good understanding of their duties * Are pretty organized and have a clear goal


  • Group became too large
  • Discipline was not in reach once such a large group banded together, many arguments ensued * Became more disorganized as group grew
  • Less accommodations were available


  • Restoring power to King Richard will solve Robin Hoods issue with the Sheriff * King Richard may recognize Robin Hood abilities and make him his right hand man * Robin Hood could make a name for himself and be in history books due to his accomplishments Threats
  • Sheriff’s backing was becoming stronger and organized * Sheriff has political connections and influential allies * Sheriff’s men could kill them all

Are the various Threats that Robin Hood faces and the Weaknesses he has getting worse or getting better?

As the days went on, the threats and weaknesses were mounting against Robin Hood.

Since there wasn’t any filtering of persons joining the group, they did not weed out the unscrupulous ones.

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The group was running out of the necessary supplies to survive and couldn’t contain the madness. When all of this was happening, people started leaving Robin’s group to back the sheriff. His allegiances and organization was very attractive to Robin’s men. The case describes several different options (the Opportunities in your SWOT analysis) that Robin Hood could choose to follow to fix his problems:

Implement a fixed Transit Tax

  • Expand to a larger area within/around the forest
  • Kill the Sheriff
  • Join the Barons in a plan to free the King Richard.

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Which ONE of the opportunities described in the case do you think will do the best job of addressing the situation that Robin Hood’s group is in and fixing their long term problems? Why? I would say that the best choice for Robin Hood to fix his problems would be to join the Barons in a plan to free King Richard. I think that Robin Hood could bring his people (the ones that remained) together and build some sort of a structured environment. Once that is completed, they could join forces and free King Richard. In a successful rescue and “re-throning”, he will be able to address the people’s concerns and bring happiness to all. Maybe then they will not be anymore “stealing from the rich to give to the poor”.

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