Riordan Manufacturing: Importance of Sustainability

In the same way, technologies, strategies, products, or practices Ordain Manufacturing may use to increase sustainability will be identified. Lastly, Team B will identify the three best practices for the company to implement. In reference to the current business practices audit, Ordain Manufacturing has identified waste production and energy consumption as targets for sustainability efforts. To be specific, there will be an energy use reduction while increasing the use of renewable energy sources.

Secondly, there will be a reduction of plastic waste production while Increasing the recycling of this waste plastic.

After reviewing the Ordain Manufacturing Intranet website, Radian's mall cost of production Is the price of energy. Because of this, the first best practice Ordain should Implement Is the installation of solar panels. To offset the cost, Ordain will install solar panels at all locations, including their corporate offices. Ordain must keep in the mind the cost of implementation, maintenance, and target metrics.

In the beginning on this implementation, Ordain will seek low interest loans.

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Each location will monitor total outside energy consumption against the month of the previous year on an annual basis to ensure compliance and success. Success will be decided on the effectiveness of Radian's employees to reduce its reliance on outside energy and decrease the impact on the environment. Ordain Manufacturing needs to reduce the company's energy waste by eliminating standby power.

Ordain can Install conservation surge protectors that can be separately controlled for each location. Secondly, solar panels ill be Installed at all locations, which Includes Its corporate buildings and manufacturing plants.

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There will be an Minimal cost to Install solar panels In all facilities, however the long-term result will be an immense reduction in energy costs and unused energy (Beckman, 2003). The last practice will focus on the reduction in plastic and material waste.

Ordain can implement the practice of working with their shrink-wrap manufacturer and return any unused shrink-wrap to them or even purchase recycled shrink-wrap. Ordain can collaborate with a recycling firm that will buy back their disposable and unused shrink-wrap. By recycling or avoided the use of plastics, the amount of potentially harmful emissions during incineration will be reduced. Ordain Manufacturing: Importance of Sustainability By basketball Ordain Manufacturing is a global plastic manufacturer in a growing industry that is focusing more and more on the importance of sustainability.

Updated: May 19, 2021
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