Importance Of Change Management Program On Environmental Sustainability In University

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International Tourism and Hotel Management Program by Griffith University Environmental Sustainability

An abstract

The hospitality industry presents a variety of environmental aspects. Users are consuming resources such as energy and water on a daily basis and generating a kind of solid waste and effluents. It highlights the necessary management strategy that can lead to improvements in environmental management in unique destinations. All of us need there to take care of the environment if we are not to threaten the ability of the planet to support the future generation.

Sustainable development leads to social and ecological damage at the local and global levels. The guest satisfaction high makes us a more attractive hotel so that it saves costs and improves profitability. Employees are a company’s most valuable asset to offer adequate service in keeping guest happy. An environment impact is the negative aspect of human activities. Increasing consumer attitude in considering environmental issues which have extended to traveling when making travel plans and purchases.

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Environmental sustainability is the ability to maintain ecological sustainability in the three ways. We yield for renewable resources should be less than the regeneration rate; Waste disposal for pollution should be less than the environmental assimilative capacity, and we deplete nonrenewable resources should require comparable substitutes. In other words, ecological sustainability is the ability to make the ecology to remain in balance. Environmental sustainability is a long-term goal Ecological sustainability is sustainable economic growth and now is environmentally degrading. What people live a high-quality life is a norm because they have a clean, healthy environment, a satisfactory level of economic benefit and social fulfillment.

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Thus, all of us need to protect our green planet. 69% of people plan to make more eco-friendly choices in the future.

"The Conference Board of Canada's long-term forecast shows that the accommodation will experience annual growth of approximately 3% between now and 2015.” (UK Essays, 2018) Major hotel brands are shifting towards green design. For example, Hyatt was one of the first to track energy and water use; Marriott introduced uniforms made from recycled plastic bottles and called it as their "Spirit to Preserve”; “Hilton has to reduce waste. They present contribute additional food to local charitable organizations, recycle mattresses and box springs”. ("Association of Surgical Assistants," 2018) Therefore, it is a corporate social responsibility (CSR) for the hotel to protect the environment. By achieving environmental sustainability, the hotel can achieve proper benchmarking, certification and compliance (eco-labeling), green meetings standards and increasing sophistication; which then attract more guests to visit.

The role of Department Head of the Housekeeping Executive Housekeeper is in charge of the Housekeeping Department. He/ She handles customer services and complaints as well. Executive Housekeeper also orders cleaning materials and new items. He/ She is an essential person within hotel establishment who ensures that the high-quality control and cleanliness rooms and laundry services to guests. He/ She is maintaining the inventory of housekeeping supplies and amenities within the allotted budget. ("Detailed Information on Information Services Analyst Responsibilities," 2018) They require knowledge of machinery used and chemical regarding health and safety standards housekeeping related. They must be the excellent attitude with guests, talented staffs and other management personnel that cooperation and coordination eliminate many problems.

The concept of environmental management is a necessary management strategy As the population increase and they become connected with their environment. Environmental management is a fundamental strategy in the hotel. It includes organizational structure, planning, and resources for developing, implementing and maintaining the policy. Ecological and natural resources management have become more urgent. The importance of environmental issues of global awareness and acceptance have motivated the development of a new area. The many benefits of their environment where heal them and help them stay healthy. In return, humans give back all of the environmental issues and energy their existence. They must build own environment to meet those needs which support life, health, and human productivity. For example, room operation would produce solid waste, lighting, climate control, and food produce would consume lots of energy, and laundry, as well as cleaning, showers, and pool, would use lots of water. As they know, food safety is a serious business in the hotel restaurant. The management teams will keep their employees on the right track when it comes to food handling safety and sanitation.

Food Poisoning caused by the employees have poor food hygiene and food storage methods. The mixing of raw foods together can cause food contamination because meat and vegetables have its bacteria, so it's important to separate the fresh foods. Thus, the supervisors communicate with the housekeeping department and assign the Pest Control on a weekly basis should be done. Many negative impacts of the hospitality industry on the environment. Main impacts are CFC and CO2 emissions, energy, water, waste while others are no smells, smoke, and health of staff. The Housekeeping Department is a significant customer oriented industry. But it is linked with various departments which cooperates to bring in a successful business. So we must consider guests who mainly focus on profit. They pampered with lashing of hot water; high-pressure showers; freshly laundered linen; a great deal of supply of towels copious amounts of food and drink; the availability of swimming pools and saunas and limousine service to the airport.

In an article about the environmental impacts of hotels in the US, 2012, it showed that hotels occupied more than 5 billion m2 which were same as 1805 Empire Square Building. Their CO2 output was the same as 19 volcanic eruptions. They spent US$7.5 billion on energy per year which was the worth of 12 Queens of England. (McCormick, 2012) The infographic shows that hotels can be wasteful practices and oblivious guests. (See the appendix) They created 1.9 billion lbs of waste per year which was enough to fill 37 million suitcases. They used 84.7 billion kWh per year which were enough to power 9.6 million blow-dryers and 64.5 million TVs. They used 219 billion gallons of water per year which was equal to a person taking a shower non-stop for 227 years, and they produced 60 million tons of CO2 per year which were comparable to that generated from 10.6 million cars and 12 coal-fired power plants. (McCormick, 2018).

The environmental impacts of the hospitality industry classify as positive and negative factors. First of all, implementing ecological management can benefit the operation, amenities and furniture, fixtures and equipment (FF&E) of the hotel. Running an EMS has a moral obligation to provide a safe and secure place for guests and employees. It can more efficiently manage on daily operation. For example, they can apply as the preventative measure to save unnecessary costs. The hoteliers check leaking faucets to maintenance and repair them promptly. The hotel promotes cleaning protocols of “reuse towel and linen” programme, and use of low-flow showerheads reduce water heating. The hotel can use energy saving LED light bulb and use curtains/blinds to reduce cooling loads. They encourage the guest to replace them. Electric’s guestroom management solutions minimize waste and improve operational efficiency to enable savings of up to 44%. For guests and housekeeper health. They use less abrasive cleaners to the environment. The hotel can use certified natural cleaners such as vinegar, and lemon oil are cleaning methods required. They ensure the air quality of the hotel can provide an excellent working place enhances employee's productivity.

Moreover, the green key card option can save metal consumption and biodegradable toilet paper, and room amenity packaging such as free newspaper are provided only upon request. Then, to reduce the waste, the hotel offers recycling. For instance, the hotel encourages the guests to classify their rubbish, reuse plastic hanger and cleaned ashtray. They request the guest to place cleaning request sign to wash 6 | 10 towels and linens changed. The guests’ sheet on the rack means “I will use again,” and towel on the floor means “Please replace.” Better to use recycled, composting and renewable materials as well, and decreases emissions from landfills.

On the other hand, linens removed from the hotel’s employees or the hotel’s guests is through improper use or carelessness in handling. People used cloths in the kitchen to clean utensils, countertops and floor spills; People are used napkins must be discarded in the restaurant because they too severely stained for regular use. Torn, badly stained and poorly ironed pieces have had guest complaints that a bed appears to have slept in because poorly rolled sheets were used to make it up. The room attendants are maintaining the quality standards of the in-house cleaning. ("Banff Hotel Jobs | Charltons Banff | Alberta, CA," 2018) One accident or injury can be damaged the hotel image, and it affects a hotel reputation for reducing the high quality of services to the guests. Thus, to have accident prevention enhances guests’ perception of to their comfort, safety, and security.

As a result, the hotel should seek as government department only deal with large businesses have EMS. The government should promote the importance of a green hotel that has committed advertising or annual report. The hotel gaining certification with ISO 14001 to recognized standards can give their business credibility and stakeholders. The future hotels will go green. The Okura Prestige, Bangkok is one providing guests with innovative and exciting experiences with new technology. The guests have automated check-in, and the room number sent via email; Smart door unlock by personal smartphone apps and their personalized control to lights, curtains, television and doors sensor. Touchscreen Bedside Control Panel can make guests feel more luxury room service. The original wakeup call by smart software alerts them, and even their flight is delayed seamlessly integrated into their stay. It significantly increases the guests comfort while enhancing the guest experiences. 40% willing to pay more in Environmentally Friendly Hotel based on customer's perceived value. Thus, the hotel increase revenues and the expenses reduce, it also increased profitability.

Otherwise, Housekeeping Departments enhance return on investing in energy and water saving project in the future. In addition to cost benefits, there are also benefits to choosing an environmentally sustainable strategy. 7 | 10 In conclusion The customers want them to be at the heart of what they do every day like we say they are. When the facility looks less than desirable, so do their services. Appearances and structure say quite a bit about their pride in their work. Their customer wants to see their commitment to providing a clean environment to care. And no one wants to do business with a company that has grumpy and negative employees. Be the customer service representative they would expect from any company business they do with us. It makes their lives easier and if done with integrity and solidify their business for the future.


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Updated: Feb 21, 2024
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