The Sustainability and Environmental Challenges Faced by Food Manufacturers

In recent years, food manufactures have begun to observe complex challenges with regard to sustainability and the environment. Nowadays,the world is's world there are many problems facing the welfare of humankind, which could affect our existence in the future. If these problems are not recognized, and the appropriate actions are not taken to slow down or put an end to them, then the consequences could be overwhelming.

Many problems that are facing the well being of all humans are the limited resources ;the food supply is insufficient to meet demands, over population which means more people to feed, and economic problems because The food industry just wants to make money.

They are doing everything in their power to achieve that goal. The natural resources are running out and over population can be traced to the growth of the world population.

This problems are also related to the meat industry and it's grave effects in the environment. This is evident in the meat industry from the moment the cow is born to the moment that hamburger has been in a plate,the environment has been effected.

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The world is not jut paying for it financially,but rather they are paying for it at the stake of their own health and the nature. However money and need often overrule any positive environmental action .Many people don't care about this issue and think that's the next generation's problem.however others are thinking about the sustainability of the meat production in order to protect ourselves and our environment.

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Updated: Nov 08, 2022
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