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Shoe polish is a product used to shine, polish, and protect leather footwear. Polishing shoes will increase their life span. In present times, everybody always use shoe polishers for their shoes to look presentable and fabulous to walk with attractive thus boosting more confidence to its beholder. But no everyone knows that traditional shoe polish which are available in market made of harmful chemical and synthetic ingredients which has a bad door. Since it uses petroleum as it's basis it is also flammable which makes it dangerous to human health and may cause some hazards like fires.

The banana peel is known for its antifungal and antibiotic properties. The peel is also loaded with a lot of Vitamins, minerals and fiber Many articles and pamphlets say that banana peel is even effective in shining and smoothening surfaces like shoes made up of leather.

There are many advocacies promoting environment preservation and restoration. This may help in these advocacies. Because the main ingredient was just banana peel so that will lessen the production of biodegradable garbage.

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And also,the product will cost lesser than those of commercial because only the tools and some additives are need to be bought, so we can assume convenience to those who will buy our product. It may also emit the old tradition of just throwing banana peel instead they can collect it and donate for us to transform it into a more useful and effective product which happen to be the banana floor polisher.

Main Problem

How feasible is the production of Shinana in terms of management, operation, technical, and socio-economic aspects?
Specifically, this proposal will answer the following questions:

Management Aspects

  1. What is the name of the company?
  2. What is the Vision?
  3. What is the Mssion?
  4. What form of ownership is applied?
  5. What are the advantages of that form of business?
  6. What are the organizational policies or procedures?

2. Marketing Aspects

  1. What is the product description?
  2. Who are the target markets?
  3. How will the product be priced?
  4. How much is the expected return of investment?
  5. Are there freebies or discounts offered?
  6. Who are the business competitors?
  7. What marketing strategies are applicable?
  8. What are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats?

3. Operational & Technical Aspects

  1. What are the uses/ functions/descriptions of the material or equipment?
  2. What are the steps in coming up with the product?

4. Socio-Economic Aspects

  1. How can the product help the people?
  2. How can it help the society?
  3. How will the government be benefited?


This chapter deals with the five different processes of management which are planning,organizing,staffing, directing, and controlling. Shinana, a word combination of the first three letters of the word SHINE and the last four letters of the word BANANA, was chosen as the company name because obviously, the name itself signifies “Making things shine through banana.As envisioned by the entrepreneur, Shinana, a product for shoe beautification will make everyone’s shoes shine with the natural shoe-shining quality banana peelings possess.

The entrepreneur had come up with product because she had been exposed to Science Congress/Exhibits during her highschool days in UNIDA Christian Colleges.The said events shows the school’s students impressive innovative products, discovery, and research studies. Luckily, the entrepreneur had the chance to be one of the participants of the said Congress.Banana peel as shoe shine concept emerged from the said event. Since banana peelings are only thrown-out after its fruit has been taken off,our company thougths that we can help the society through abolishing the traditional manner of disposing its peelings and process it to a more useful form which is SHINANA.


The leading supplier in shoe beautification industry in the Philippines acknowledge for the creation of innovative shoe shine products that complements not only consumer needs and wants but also the environment’s needfor careful preservation and protection.


Our enterprise shall provide efficient, eco-friendly, and quality shoe shine products locally through efficient use and systematic production of shoe shine products with banana peelings as its main raw material.


Shinana is a sole proprietorship form of business. The owner is A-Zmyn T. Honrado.Once it makes name in the industry, it can expand its product line(will be able to offer variety of shoeshine products ),can develop new products like floor wax, sprays,disinfectants,varnish,colored wax polish made from banana peelings and other organic materials.


Advantages of Sole Proprietor Form of Business:

  1. The formation of sole proprietorship business is very easy and simple.
  2. The entrepreneur owns all and risks all.
  3. The entire profit goes to his pocket.

This motivates the proprietor to put his heart and soul in the business to earn more profit. Thus, the direct relationship between effort and reward motivates the entrepreneur to manage the business more efficiently and effectively. The entrepreneur takes all decisions affecting the business.This results in better control of the business and ultimately leads to efficiency. Thus, the entrepreneur as sole proprietor can arrive at quick decisions concerning the business by which he can take the advantage of any better opportunities. Each and every aspect of the business is looked after by the proprietor and the business secrets are known to him only.Thus, the maintenance of adequate secrecy leaves no scope to his competitors to be aware of the business secrets.

The sole proprietorship business is undertaken on a small scale. If any change is required in business operations, it is easy and quick to bring the changes. The cost of formation of a sole proprietorship is the minimum because no cost is involved in its formation. The management of the business is also inexpensive as no specialists are normally appointed in various functional areas of the business. The dissolution of the sole proprietorship is also very easy. Since the proprietor is the supreme authority and no regulations are applicable for closure of the business he can dissolve his business any time he likes.


All individuals pass a verification procedure, including the completion of an “Employment Verification Form”, before they are permitted to work. Harassment in employment, including sexual, racial, and ethnic harassment, as well as any other harassment forbidden by law, is strictly prohibited by the Company. The Company does not discriminate, and does not permit its employees to discriminate against other employees or applicants because of race,color,religion, sex, etc. Employees are prohibited from engaging in web logging or “blogging” during working time or while using


Periodic evaluations may be made to determine your individual progress, training needs, and potential pay increases. Pay increases are not automatic and depend on factors such as the employee's demonstrated job proficiency and the Company's ability to pay. When present employees are qualified and as justified by our Company needs and growth, the Company offers as many opportunities for promotions as possible. Plant/Office Personnel normally scheduled 8 hours per shift, 40 hours per week. Habitual or excessive absenteeism and tardiness cannot be tolerated. Employees are required to record their own time in and out

Employees shall clock in and out on time, but not earlier/later than 4 minutes before their scheduled starting work time . Safety is everybody’s business.

  • Head Protection: Employees exposed to flying or falling objects and/or electrical shock and burns shall be safeguarded by means of approved head protection. Eye and Face Protection: Employees working in locations where eye hazards due to flying particles, hazardous substances or injurious light rays are inherent in the work or environment shall be safeguarded by and shall use employer-provided face or eye protection with Suitable screens or shields isolating the hazardous exposure shall safeguard nearby employees. The wearing of contact lens is prohibited in working environments having harmful exposure to materials or light flashes.
  • Body Protection: Body protection from hazardous or flying substances shall be provided by clothing appropriate for the work being done. Hand Protection: Gloves may be required for employees whose work exposes hands to hazardous substances, cuts or burns. Foot Protection: Appropriate foot protection shall be required for employees who are exposed to foot injuries from hot, corrosive, poisonous substances, falling objects, crushing or penetrating actions, which may cause injuries. Ear Protection: Ear Protection must be worn in Production areas.

For safety reasons, smoking of tobacco products and drinking alcohol beverages is not permitted. Floors shall be kept clean and dry.

Floors and platforms shall be kept free of projections, obstructions, holes and loose All control buttons and switches shall be properly identified as to their function and purpose. All shall Return tools and equipment to proper storage place after use. No jewelry, long hair or loose clothing is allowed around any machinery while operating.


Marketing head/Sole owner

  1. Creates promotional strategy for the products demandability.
  2. Sees if the product meet the customer’s need.
  3. Formulates the raw material combination through extensive researches
  4. Sees if the company is profitable or not using accounting principles

Production Manager

  1. Supervises all the production staffs
  2. Creates weekly reports to be submitted to the marketing head regarding the developments in production process.
  3. Schedules his/her subordinates break/meal time.
  4. Controls the quality of the finished product before proceeding to the packaging process.

Production staff

  1. Scrapes the white part of banana peel
  2. Mixes all the ingredients
  3. Operates on plastic squeezer equipment to pack the finished products.


This chapter involves understanding the target market,their likes and dislikes, the marketing strategies implemented and how the customers evaluated the product.


Shinana is a product used to shine, polish, and protect leather footwear thereby extending it’s life. It comes in various forms, including wax, paste, cream, and liquid, and can be applied in many different ways.


Shinana’s target markets are all who have leather shoes.Be it a professional,students,businesswoman/man,teacher, mother ,father, sister, brother.In short, everyone who wants to look presentable by polishing their shoes.


10% Discount are available to those who will buy in boxes which contains 10 pcs of Shinana.Thus , from the original price of Php 50.00, the buyer can avail it for only Php45.00 instead.The buyer can save Php 5.00 each box. Similarly, those who will buy 1000 pcs, can save up to Php 500.00.From the original price of Php 5000.00, buyers can avail it for only Php4500.00.


Obviously, the number and only one competitor is KIWI, owned by Sara Lee.Prior to the introduction of the Company’s Product Shinana.KIWI monopolized the shoe beautification industry.Since Kiwi have been operating for more than century. They run print advertisements in a variety of national magazines. The Kiwi ads are printed in bright red, matching the color in the background of the brand's logo. The Kiwi campaign is running in magazines like Black Enterprise, Car andDriver, Cargo, Ebony, Esquire, Men's Fitness, National Geographic etc..Most of the new product launches of Kiwi was in line with the changing consumer preferences.


In order for Shinana to be known to the public, the company will run printed advertisements such as flyers, posters.The company will also make online pages on websites like Facebook, Twitter,and Multiply that will entertain prospect/future customers’ inquiry about such product. Please see attachments in the Appendix.



Shoe polish usually is a mixture of natural and synthetic materials. Cosmetic shoe polish of various dangerous ingredients. These chemicals can be easily absorbed through the skin causing potential harm to the skin and other organs of the body . It is essential that in using shoe polish, one must wear gloves when doing so, one must not drink alcohol while polishing shoes (it can increase the effects of certain chemicals), and must keep all shoe polish out of reach of children and animal companions. If used, shoe polish should be used in a well-ventilated area, and all of the product shoud be used, with any residual being discarded or given to someone who will use it. When disposed, shoe polish needs to be handled as a hazardous househould substance. Rags or clothes used that come in contact with the shoe polish should also be immediately discarded.

While some shoe polished claim to be non-toxic, most do not list their ingredients, so it is impossible to know that they are truly free of dangerous chemicals. But now,through the introduction of Shinana, an eco-friendly shoe polish, Consumers can minimize the health hazards brought by using traditional polishers. The ingredients of Shinana contains no harmful chemicals thereby not endangering someone’s health. Because it doesn’t contains expensive harmful chemicals and only need banana peel that are only thrown out after the fruit has been taken off, its price is cheaper than that of the traditional shoe polish.Shinana, as have said earlier, is an eco-friendly product for it requires no proper disposal since it is all natural.


Because Shinana is all-natural, it perishes faster than that of the traditional shoe polish. Salt is the only preservative Shinana has, and according to tests,a bottle of Shinana last only for one and a half month that rendered our product,in comparison to traditional old polish , less convenient to its users. Shinana was only owned by A-Zmyn T. Honrado, a student, who has still no enough capital for the regularization of conducting business.Thus, Shinana is short-lived business on the grounds of economic constraint.And also, the owner still lack skills, profession,talent needed to pursue the business since she was only a second year student taking Business Management.


Banana is very much common in the Philippines. It is one of the oldest cultivated plants and is grown in at least 107 countries, primarily for their fruit, and to a lesser extent to their peelings .Banana peelings cost nothing(see product pricing), like in the entrepreneur’s case. Many banana cue,turon, saging con yelo, halo-halo prevailed the market.The owner sees that peeling are only throwned after the fruit has been taken off for we all know that many of us don’t prefer to eat banana peelings aside from its fruit,though the former is edible. This poses a great opportunity for the entrepreneur to make efficient use of that disposed banana peelings that’s why she came up with the product.


Due to some innovation of ideas, leather shoes are now being replaced by plastic shoes that is relatively cheaper than that of the leather shoes. Many prefer plastic shoes since it is durable even the it is raining.And because many prefer plastic over leather shoes, shoe polish demandability decreases.Luckily,the company is on its way in formulating shoe polish product for plastic shoe. Another is that, the company has no definite suppliers,the number of products that can be produced is dependent on the number of banana peelings collected from anywhere.There’s no control over the resources since they are only donated,not bought


This includes all the factors of the production and the processes



  • 100 g banana peelings1tbspoon rock salt
  • 2 g black dye coloring powder


  • Picture of Tools - Description/Function
  • Mortar and pestle - Mortar is a round bottom thick walled container in which a solid material may be grinned while pestle is a long cylindrical wide based rod used for grinding in mortar
  • Stirring rod - A stirring rod or stir rod is a piece of laboratory equipment usually made of solid glass, about the thickness and slightly longer than a drinking straw, with rounded ends that is used to mix chemicals and liquids for laboratory purposes.
  • Plastic cup - A plastic cup is a disposable cup made out of plastic. It is most commonly used as a container to hold liquids.
  • Plastic spoon - A plastic utensil consisting of a small, shallow bowl on a handle, used in preparing, serving, or eating food.
  • Steel Fork - A metal utensil with two or more prongs, used for eating or serving food.


Picture of Equipment

Handy plastic sealer
A 1-foot long electrical equipment that uses principle of pressure in order to seal plactics.


  1. Scrape the white part of the banana peel with the use of steel fork.
  2. Mash the peeling with mortar and pestle.
  3. Pour in the salt and mix it with the peelings.
  4. Pour in the black dye powder and mix it with the peeling-salt mixture.
  5. Put the finished product in its packaging.



According to some news,unemployment and underemployment rate in the Phillipines continue to increase yearly.There are many who have the skills,talents,profession but there’s no position to fill with.The establishment of the company will provide employment to many if given the chance to expand its operation.

And also, Shinana helped the people by providing their needs for shoe beautification needs in an eco-friendly and natural way. It will also provide for people’s demand for inexpensive goods for,the product will cost lesser than those of commercial because only the tools and some additives are need to be bought, so we can assume convenience to those who will buy the company’s product. Shinana also may help those who ventured in banana fruit businesses,since the company will be the one responsible for the disposal of the peelings.So we can assume convenience to them particularly in disposing these useful peelings.


We all know that our country is in economic crisis.Resources are scarce yet our needs and wants are mean to say, we should make out of everything.Shinana can help the society by giving some concrete response to many advocacies promoting environment preservation and restoration.Shinana may help in these advocacies because the main ingredient was just banana peel so that will lessen the production of biodegradable garbage. It may also emit the old tradition of just throwing banana peel instead they can collect it and donate to the company for the company to transform it into a more useful and effective product which happen to be the banana shoe polisher. The Department of Health, issues emergency instructions regarding the INHALATION,EYE CONTACT,SKIN CONTACT of shoe polish.

Another is that,In Los Angeles and most other places, shoe polish is disallowed in the regular trash. It must be disposed of as a hazardous material like mercury, because it often contains materials like naphtha and turpentine. Shinana can help the society, particularly by meeting the needs for a chemical-free shoe polish as replacement to the traditional shoe polish which is full of dangerous chemicals.Shinana gave way to reusing the peel to polish the shoe through oils and the potassium present in banana polish that can preserve ones shoes. After the oils and potassium has been scraped from the peel,the company will compost the peel.

Through Shinana, we can have polished shoes without damaging the society’s well-beingand without endangering the environment, leaving behind zero packaging waste.


Government promotes business activity in the Philippines for it will have a drastic effect in the economic health of the country. The more the business activities the faster is the circulation of the Philippine Currency.The more the business activity, spending prevails over saving.Shinana can help the government by conforming to these economic programs initiated by the government. Another is that, our company, if will be given a chance to expand its operations will be able to export Shinana that will eventually become not only as a source of pride for the Filipinos but will also help in increasing the country’s GDP or Gross Domestic product which is one of the measure of our country’s economic performance.

Lastly, government will be benefited because businesses are required to register the business.They collect such registration fees, licences fees.Another is that, because of the inherent power of the state, the company are required to pay taxes to the government that are used for the government to defray their necessary expenses.

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