Respond to differences of opinion and conflict constructively

As a teaching assistant I am part of the wider team of teaching staff in a school. Everyone has different roles and responsibilities and this can sometimes lead to conflicts. On one occasion I was working with an EMA class doing role plays in a hall. It was the last lesson of the day and we were using the interactive white board. The after school film club was due to use the room straight after us and the coordinator was very annoyed that she was unable to come in and set up ahead of her class.

She insisted that the EMA class use another space. While I could understand her frustration at being delayed I could also see the benefits to the EMA class of using the hall. It provided the children with opportunities to do exercises that couldn’t be done in standard classroom. I could also tell that they really enjoyed working in the space. The discussion between the teachers became slightly heated and I could see that there was tension.

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In order to resolve the conflict I suggested we carry out the activities that require the white board early so that the coordinator could come in towards the end of our lesson and set up the film. This solution was accepted by all. I felt I dealt with the situation constructively.

Seek advice and support from relevant people when needed. As a teaching assistant I always seek advice on issues I am unsure of. If had a difference of opinion with another member of staff I would ask the teacher I worked with or different member of staff for advice.

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If was having difficulty with any of my responsibilities I would ask another member of staff to help and support me to ensure I was doing things correctly.

Updated: Aug 11, 2021
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