My Opinion About Sexism and Feminism

Feminism, the true art of women taking over our planet and bringing forward a new life to equality, yet that so called “equality” can easily turn into another ongoing sexism battle. As a woman, I do understand some protests brought on, but I will never fully understand the constant hate towards any other gender. Everyone is equal, at least in my mind.

The start of Feminism began as a challenge to male domination. It could have been a great start to a future of equality and reduce the sexism battles that many people face, male or female.

Sadly, new contemporary Feminists don’t seem to have much concern for the abolishment of sexism. The feminism we see today, does not mean advocating for the gender blindness or treating any individual as a complex human being or even not reducing people because of their sex or gender. Instead, feminists have now created a new battle, anti-male sexism. But what does it mean to be a Feminist… By definition, Feminism varies from a range of political movements, ideologies, and social movements that share a common goal: to establish and achieve political, economic, personal, and social gender equality.

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Meaning equal rights and achievements means for all sexes or genders.

Feminism has now become one of the most popular trends to occur within American states and Canadian provinces, and many women are focusing their lives vouching for what contemporary feminists do. Now, I’m not saying this is a bad thing, nor am I against any type of Feminism, I just feel that the Feminism we see all over social media has portrayed the wrong message.

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The framing of females by feminists has made some good impacts, by improving the thought all women were undermined by men intelligently, financially and socially. Although these changes were caused, they have also had a new frame of men, being insensitive, arrogant, oppressive, abusive. This new framework towards men, caused the feminist strategy of rising women and lowering men, with the very convincing argument that women are good and men are bad. I have no hate towards any man, and I am considered a Feminist, since I do vouch for equal rights, but in a more appropriate manner. I don’t care what you identify as and will always vouch for equality of everyone, no matter, race, identification or sexual orientation, but this consistent bash against any man has made me sick to my stomach, how are we - us women, any better than man were years ago.

Many women have taken Feminism too far. Too far, to the point that some women believe that being heterosexual towards men, is considered repulsive towards the Feminist community. This is called, a political lesbian. Political lesbians believe in women getting rid of men from our society, and in a direct quote from the political lesbian community to: “to get rid of men from your beds and your heads.” (PLC, 2019) Political lesbians have become a trend throughout many colleges and consider any women of identifies as a hetero to be an outsider in the female community, isolating and alienating them for their social group, creating this horrible social status, making them appears as a “bad egg”. The pressure of women to become gay as an accepting member of the Feminist community is absolutely absurd, think of it in opposite, men telling men they need to be gay to be accepted, this would cause a whole political and uproar. But why isn’t anyone concerned about the political lesbians in the Feminist community?

Not only has the rise of political lesbians increased, but the rise of inaccurate or false allegations of rape have occurred. I have all sympathy towards rape victims, and I believe that rape is one of the most brutal and dehumanizing crimes one person can commit on another. But there has been a constant flow of allegation that have not been researched or even tested for truth and lying under oath has been popularized, which to me, is just as serious as rape. Victimization is also a popular occurrence within the Feminist community and has yet again become another tactic for anti-male sexism. Feminists have claimed that no man should be trusted and no man should ever be in power, but once again, how do these statements make women any better than the supersession of females that happened before. Is this the right message to send out to younger females? Women are labeled as survivors, which I guess in a way we are, but using false allegation of rape does not help the equality battle, and doesn’t us appear as any stronger. Journalist Philip Carl Salzman says in one of his specific essays on feminists; “If feminists thought of human beings as individuals, rather than as members of one good and one bad category, they might realize that many, perhaps most people lie, and that any allegation must be tested rigorously if we are concerned about justice and about avoiding punishing innocent individuals. Unfortunately, feminists are not all concerned about avoiding punishing the innocent.” (Salzman, 2018) If you really think about his statement, you can draw a connection to the fact that many women will only trust other women even with the skepticism of women lying and wrongfully convicting many men. Feminist have made the argument towards these false allegations they are rare, between 2-10%, but what's equally important, is that most false rape allegation rarely have any serious consequences. Not only are there are rarely any serious consequences, but many men are being incarcerated for these false crimes, potentially ruining families, jobs and even their reputation. In August 2017, Jemma Beale, a 25-year-old British woman was sentenced to 10 years for false allegations of rape against 15 men. One falsely convicted man served two years of a seven year prison sentence in 2011 after the Crown Prosecution Service’s second attempt to secure his conviction on her behalf. Another was falsely arrested after being forced to flee the country. Beale had been awarded £11,000 by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority and had told a former girlfriend she had lied to get the money, the court heard. From BBC News, “Lady Justice Hallett said: 'The idea that a woman could send an innocent man to prison for years solely so she could get compensation beggars belief.”” (BBC, 2019) After reading this case, the amount of disgrace I felt was horrendous. How can the feminist community believe that this is okay and vouch for women that do this? But that's only one example. Something that was a popular trend, especially through social media, was the #MeToo movement. The #MeToo movement spread viral through in October 2017, however, it started as an attempt to show the widespread of sexual assault and harassment in the workplace. The movement wanted to focus on survivors of these incidents and promote safety and fairness, but it quickly turned into another strategy for contemporary feminist to dominate men creating something called “rape culture”. The #MeToo movement was used to educate others and detailedly explain survivors story but that wasn't the focus anymore. Feminist turned this beautiful movement for equality against sexual assault, into colouring all men to be abusive and butilizing to women. In recent posts using the #MeToo movement in order to portray ex-boyfriends and other men they may be disliked by women as sexual predators and telling false or exaggerated stories to the media to somehow “expose” these men and make them appear as terrible women abusers and rapists. The men that are abusive need to be stopped but colouring ALL men as rapists, sexual harassers and exaggerating stories using false allegations, portrays the anti-male sexism and distracts many the truth, separating equality and female domination, into very separate categories.

Something that I was hesitant to talk about, was joint custody. A mother does need her child, just like a mother cows love for her calf when it is taken away at birth, you can hear her cries for days, but that doesn't mean anyless to a father. Having a father figure is something that is very important to a child especially at a young age. There has been a series of studies, like: “The consequences of fatherlessness” (Father, 2017). This research study showed a range of issues that can occur when a female suppresses a male causing them a child to be fatherless at a young age. Drug and alcohol abuse becomes a much more common interest, even crime. If you think about it, a mother's love is strong but so is a father if you connect the two, you can see that living without either one is tramazing for a child, motherless or fatherless. But more children have been fatherless due to females making the marriage feud about them rather than that child and wanting domination or revenge after the marriage. Feminist prefer to the support the best interests of mothers rather than child, yet again supposing that gender is the most important advantage over all other values, including our children.

It has now become such a challenge for me to see people who identify as feminist, that expect fair treatment and be complex individuals regardless of gender but suppress others instead. We aren't changing gender equality, we are only causing more destruction, discrimination and harassment for others, potentially causing an even larger battle to arise. Seeing a change and believing in a change are two separate things and suppressing one group over another even if there had been issues in the past doesn't help anyone. If everyone believed in equality and wanted to accomplish the domination of equality, the separation of genders would be abolished. We must all stand up and vouch for true Feminism to conquer equality and dismiss the gender roles, hatred and alligations to become one nation full of equality and love for all.

Updated: Feb 17, 2021
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