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Research into a Lacto-Vegetarian diet

To make sure I am using the right method to follow the brief of a lactovegetarian dish I must trial at least 3-4 dishes to see if it goes to plan. This will ensure that I am able to make 3 dishes in the time I am given as adhere to my time plan. Making these dishes will be added to my research as inspiration for my final dishes. They will give an idea of the smell, texture, flavour and appearances that I would like to include in my own courses.

Lacto-vegetarian is sometimes used to describe a vegetarian who does not eat eggs but does eat dairy products. Many Hindu vegetarians are lacto-vegetarians who avoid eggs for religious reasons while continuing to eat dairy. A healthy lacto vegetarian diet has many health benefits including lower rates of obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer due to the fact that the eat a lot healthier foods.

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Protein is important for building and keeping muscles and red blood cells healthy.

Lacto Vegetarian cannot eat eggs which are a good source of protein which means that they do not consume enough of the macronutrient. Protein support growth. Some suitable examples of protein sources include: soy and soy products like tofu, tempeh and fortified soy beverages. Meat alternatives like textured vegetable protein (TVP) and veggie burgers, dried beans (kidney, black and white beans), peas (chickpeas and black-eyed peas) and lentils (red, brown and green lentils). Quorn wouldn’t be suitable due to the fact that is binded together by eggs.

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Iron helps carry oxygen to different parts of the body. Vegetarians need to eat about twice as much iron as people who aren’t because the iron from plant foods isn’t as well absorbed as the iron from animal(a). Iron from vegetarian sources is better absorbed when eaten with vitamin C-rich foods. Examples of vitamin C-rich foods include oranges and grapefruits and their juices, lemons etc. Lacto Vegetarians do not eat meat which means they need alternatives that will provide their body with iron.

An lacto vegetarian diet provides the body with essential amino acids while limiting the high intake of fats seen in more conventional diets (b)The exclusion of meat as protein reduce the intake of fats while consumption of milk allows for an adequate amount of saturated fat to remain in the diet. The consistent use of vegetable products as the primary source of supports the dietary recommendation for an increase in complex carbohydrates and an increase in fibre.

Some minor concerns associated with some lacto vegetarian diets are those of zinc deficiency and overuse of a wide variety of dietary supplements. Because of zinc role in the body’s use of iron, lacto vegetarian may need to take this mineral in supplement form (c) However, the general use of large quantities of dietary supplements may be harmful and the body may become dependent on them.

Sensory Analysis:

In today’s lesson we sampled many dishes that would be suitable for a lacto vegetarian. We analysed the appearance, taste, texture and what accompaniments would complement the dishes. The main dishes we tried were: Roasted mushroom risotto, Vegetarian Country Pies, Cauliflower and Paneer Curry, Roasted Vegetable with Goat Cheese and Pad Thai. The desserts were: Dark Chocolate and Espresso Tarts, Salted Caramel Cheesecakes, Tartes aux framboises and Peach Tea Panna Cotta.

The Roasted Mushroom Risotto is a dish made from rice that is cooked in a broth to a creamy consistency. The appearance was unappealing as it was a murky colour with lumps of white mixed in; this would make it harder to plate in an exciting way. It had a strong umami from the use of too much mushrooms also it wasn’t seasoned enough to my liking due to lack of the lack of flavour. The texture was mushy and had a creamy consistency due to the broth and soft mushrooms. There wasn’t a range of textures in this dish which made it bland. If I were to make this dish for my coursework I would change the flavour profile to lemon and aubergine. The aubergine would add a different texture as well as colour. I would also serve it with grilled/broiled tomato because the acidity and sweetness of the tomato will cut through the richness and complement the earthiness of the mushroom.

The Vegetarian Country Pies could be considered as a high level dish if I were to make the pastry myself. It looked appetising however there wasn’t much colour to it as it was all enclosed in the pastry. The pastry itself was a pale gold colour and very flaky which is ideal for pastry however the pastry had a bland taste as all the flavour came from the filling. If I were to make this dish I would add chopped herbs such as thyme, rosemary, oregano or sage to the pastry as well as some parmesan; this would result in the flavour being more intense. Moreover, the filling was tasty but all one colour so I couldn’t identify the ingredients that were used. Also, the filing was all the same texture – soft with a sauce.

Cauliflower and Paneer Curry was the most colourful out of the main dishes. It had a strong and powerful flavour with a bit of a kick due to the seasoning used. The cauliflower and paneer curry looked appetising which would make it easier to present and plate. The cauliflower itself wasn’t very seasoned but it worked due to the intense flavour of the sauce it was in. The dish was accompanied with dahl which added a contrast of colour as well as texture as the curry was stringy (due to the cauliflower) and had a bite to it. I think it’s a medium level skill because there were no high level skills used.

The Roasted Vegetable Tarts with Goat Cheese was quite interesting to look at due to the circle of cheese in the centre. The pastry itself wasn’t flaky and tasted very bulky and starchy; it was chalky in the mouth and had no real flavour. The filling of the tart was mushy and had no variety of texture. However, the cheese complimented the vegetable filling quite well. This dish is a good idea however it contains egg which makes it unsuitable for a lactovegetarian diet. The overall dish is plain and boring as the flavour is not intense due to the lack of seasoning. This dish would a high level skill if I was to make my own pastry.

Pad Thai is an interesting dish as it colourful due to the variety of vegetables and different textures that were present in this dish. Due to the dish being microwaved the noodles were quite crunchy and chewy. This version of Pad Thai forms the sweet and sour taste from with the use rice noodles, tofu, julienned carrots, green onions, broccoli and baked cashews which do not only add to the flavour but also the texture. The appearance was appealing and it smelled inviting. It would a be a high level dish to make if I were to make the noodles myself and it adhere to the requirements of the lactovegetarian diet.

The Dark chocolate espresso tarts were decadent and rich due to the silky filling. The chocolate pastry is very crisp and firm. Normally pastry isn’t flavoured so it was a nice change. The filling had a lovely rich Chocolate flavour, the espresso added complimented the chocolate and enhanced the flavour. The tarts look appealing as they are simple and dark in colour but the presentation could be improved, by adding colour such as berries or even homemade vanilla ice-cream.

The salted caramel cheesecakes’ appearance was basic as it looks like the ordinary cheesecake sold at shops; which makes it boring also this type of cheesecake is a low level dish as there are no high level skills used. The salted caramel compliments the cheesecake very well. This would up level the appearance as well as the flavour. The cheesecake was sickly sweet which is why the portion size is small. To add a different texture other than creamy, the crushed biscuit was added as a base. The base offers colour as well as crumbly texture. If I were to make this dish I would change the flavours to orange and pomegranate, which would add colour to the dish as well as make it look appealing.

The Tartes aux framboises dish is quite looked colourful as the berries used added colour, flavour as well texture. It would be a high level skill as you would have to make the pastry however this particular dish has eggs which makes it unsuitable for the lacto vegetarian diet. If I were to make this dish I would adapt it to adhere to my brief. The tarts filling wasn’t too sweet as it was intensely tart and had a fruity flavour. This complimented the simplicity if the pastry which was quite chewy. If I were to make this dish I would make the filling less tart and flavour the pastry with vanilla beans.

The peach tea panna cotta had a subtle taste as but it was amplified with the peach sauce. The panna cotta was pale in colour but the peach sauce on top added colour as well as texture as it had chunks of peach. It is a high level dish as it includes setting of the panna cotta. In order to adapt it to meet my brief I would use vegetarian suitable gelatine so there would be no meat products. If I were to make this dish I would add layers to this dish so that I can improve the appearance. It didn’t have a strong smell but a delicate aroma.

Questionnaire Research:

My primary research was to create a questionnaire and have my classmates answer it. 43 people completed my questionnaire so that I would have a reliable source of information I could us to create my 3 course meal. Below is the data I have collected:

Supermarket Research:

I also did some market research where I went to some supermarkets and took pictures of dishes that would inspire and the idea could potentially be incorporated in my course.

  • Reasons for Trailing: Pasta
  • Reasons for Trailing: Chocolate and Orange Panna Cotta
  • Reasons for trialling: Mushroom Risotto
  • Reasons for trailing: Mille Fuielle
  • Reasons for choice – Mushroom Risotto

The mushroom Risotto dish I have chosen to make is made from Arborio rice with a homemade vegetable stock. The accompaniments to this dish will be a parmesan crisp as it will complement the flavours of the dish moreover, it will enhance the saltiness of the rice. Additionally, I will add asparagus to the dish. This will add texture as well as flavour. Mostly, I will use porcini mushrooms which have a woodsy, earthy flavour. When cooked they are creamy, tender and smooth with a nutty, earthy flavour. This will be accentuated with the asparagus, that will be paired with this meal. Similarly, they have an earthy taste but slightly more bitter and salty. Much like mushrooms, it has the ability to absorb, other flavours when cooked with other foods. This is why it is a fantastic pairing for the mushroom risotto. Furthermore, asparagus has many health benefits. The dish will be presented on a circle plate and in a moon shape. On top of the risotto will be the asparagus chunks as long with parsley and parmesan shavings. I plan to make this dish look professional enough to be served in a restaurant. The desired texture of risotto is creamy. I will achieve this by adding butter and two types of cheeses to the dish. I will add parmesan, to add flavour and balance the bitterness of the asparagus. Also, I will add cheddar cheese to add creaminess as well as flavour. The mild flavour of the cheese will hopefully compliment the dish. Additionally, I will add a tablespoon of butter to result in a really creamy risotto dish. The mushroom risotto fits into the lacto vegetarian diet as it doesn’t include any egg or meat products. I will use a homemade stock made vegetables to ensure there are no meat products in the dish. Instead of using meat in the risotto to add flavour, I will use popular vegetables (that were voted for in my survey) and that went well together. Portion control is important, especially is dishes served in restaurants. I will ensure portion control by using a small plate to make the meal look larger. In order to make the dish look professional by restaurant standards, I will shape the risotto on one side of the plate and garnish with seasoned roasted asparagus and carrots, to add colour and flavour.

Reasons for choice – Mushroom Pasta

The mushroom pasta I have made consists of: eggless homemade pasta and a b?chamel sauce. To add colour and more nutrients to the dish I will add broccoli in the sauce, which had a grainy texture to the sauce. This will not only add flavour but change the texture of the creamy sauce. The sauce will be seasoned so flavour can be added to the dish moreover, I may add beets to the pasta to colour it pink or I may add squid ink to result in it being black. This will make this dish look interesting and make it easier to present. The eggless pasta will be cooked to an al dente so it isn’t too soft and mushes in the mouth. Furthermore, I will use a mix of porcini mushrooms and portabella mushrooms. Portabella mushrooms have a have a memorable chewy and meaty texture and a smoky, earthy flavour when cooked. Porcini mushroom mostly have a woodsy and earthy flavour which means the both mushroom types will complement each other. Mushrooms absorb flavour when that are cooked so I will season them with garlic, salt and pepper and fry them in butter to add extra flavour. The dish will be presented in either a twirl or as a strip on a long rectangle plate. Both of these ways will showcase the pasta and make it look professional. This dish meets the brief as it will include no eggs. The eggless pasta will be made from: type 00 flour, coarse semolina, olive oil and warm water. I may add a flavouring to the pasta but I don’t want overwhelm the dish. Mushrooms are great sources of fibre as well as protein which means they are beneficial in a lacto vegetarian diet. Portion control is extremely important So I will research the recommended amount of fresh pasta which around 50g to 90g.

Reasons for Choice – Mille Fuielle

I plan to make a mile fuielle which is a pastry dessert. The result from my survey shows that a set dessert was most the popular choice but, a pastry dish will allow me to practise and demonstrate higher level skills and presentation. The pastry will be layered with cr?me patisserie and raspberries. The cr?me patisserie will be flavoured chocolate. This will change the colour and the flavour will go well with the raspberries. The pastry will be flavoured with lemon zest and vanilla which will add a subtle but effective flavour to the whole dish. I will accompany this dish with a homemade raspberry ice-cream. I will put the ice-cream in a mould so it had a shape. The mille fuielle will have a sweet due to the cr?me patisserie and sugar icing glaze, but the raspberries will add a tart flavour which will dial the sweetness down. I will make the pastry a heart shape so it looks interesting and professional enough to be served in a restaurant. The texture of the cr?me patisserie will be creamy and thick, so it will be easy to pipe. This is the desired texture of cr?me patisserie. The pastry will be flaky due to the butter that will be layered as it cooks. This will result in layers in the pastry, which will result in the melt-in-mouth feel flaky pastry is supposed to have. This dish will be presented on a circle plate and will be garnished with raspberries and blueberries and the raspberry ice-cream will be placed on the side with a raspberry on top. The mille feuille meets the requirement for a lacto vegetarian as it includes no egg. The cr?me patisserie will be made with milk and double cr?me so it will be thick. The cornflour will act as the thickener as well. I plan to make the dish on a small square plate, as it is really sweet.



I have made a mushroom and asparagus risotto with my own stock. This dish was chosen because it would allow me to show high level skills and allow me to present it to high standard. The dish was made from Arborio rice and a homemade vegetable stock, which would add more flavour to the dish as well as colour. Risotto fit the brief as it is an innovative dish that adheres to the lacto vegetarian diet, as it doesn’t include egg or any meat products. During this dish I have used a range of skills such as: cutting all the vegetables in uniform. Also I made my own stock using vegetables, which made the risotto thicker and creamier. I also had to use dry heat and maintain the heat so it wouldn’t burn.

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