The Atkins Diet vs. the Food Lovers Diet

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The growth in the number of obese people in America is alarming. Many of us have had problems controlling our weight and why not with so much temptation around us. The problem everyone should consider when losing weight is not only how can we lose weight but also what is the healthiest way to do so. As a dieter who have tried the Atkins Diet resulting in a weight loss of 15 pounds within the first 15 days. It is safe to say the Atkins Diet does work.

Problem is the diet plan was hard to keep to and after reverting back to eating regularly almost all the weight lost was gained back. So the search for another way to lose weight and keep it off continued, leading to the discovery of The Food Lovers Diet. While the Atkins Diet is successful in getting off the weight, The Food Lovers Diet is healthier and more effective in keeping off the weight. Primarily the Atkins Diet is a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates.

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It turns your body into a fat burning machine, because dieters eat foods that increase their metabolism.

This diet relies mostly on vegetables rich in fiber, and foods high in protein, like eggs, chicken, and beef as the body’s primary food source. One of the goals of this diet is to change the balance between carbohydrates, fats, and protein in your body, keeping your metabolism on an even keel resulting in a boost in energy level. The Atkins Diet also helps stop your craving for energy boosters such as sugar and starchy foods and helps with curving hunger.

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Notably with the Atkins diet focusing more on protein and less on carbohydrates it helps jump start dieters metabolism. It is important to remember there are benefits and disadvantages to all diets but let us weigh them in the case of the Atkins Diet. One benefit of the Atkins Diet consists of the removal of “bad carbohydrates” such as bread, cakes, and rice. Another benefit is dieters can find their ideal carbohydrate intake level while on this diet. The Atkins Diet has resulted in weight loss as high as 80 pounds, and despite the diet high fat content some dieters have reported improvement in cholesterol levels.

On the other hand the disadvantages of the Atkins Diet consist of most dieters experiencing constipation, dehydration and halitosis. The Atkins Diet dose not provides enough energy in the form of carbohydrates. This cause dieter’s body to go into ketosis, which simply means the body, is using fat for energy. Ketosis can cause extra strain on your kidneys and cause potential complications including Hypertension and liver problems. On the Atkins Diet dieters lack vital nutrients you would normally get from fruits and whole grains, which can lead to vitamin deficiencies. The low carbohydrates approach can adversely affect the level of calcium in your body. With use of this diet, dieters are held accountable for every gram of carbohydrate consumed, which can make keeping to the diet a challenge. Those who have returned to eating what they would normally eat on their regular diet, (carbohydrates) usually regain all, if not more weight they lost during the diet.

For the most part the Atkins Diet has both advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to the dieter to weigh both to determine if the Atkins Diet is a good choice for them. On the other hand, The Food Lovers Diet is more like an eating plan that shows you how to use any food to lose weight. It is a simple program based on scientific approach of eating food in combinations of fast carbohydrates, slow carbohydrates, and protein that has been proven to increase metabolism. The Food Lovers Diet also turns your body into fat burning mode, and claims to keep it there all day. In this diet, carbohydrates are not only allowed but also encouraged. The best thing about The Food Lovers Diet is that it does not have any forbidden food. In short with The Food Lovers Diet dieters can eat every day foods in different combinations in order to lose weight, and keep it off. As well as the Atkins Diet, The Food Lovers Diet has advantages and disadvantages.

One benefit of this diet is that it provides extra carbohydrates, unlike the Atkins Diet, and turns carbohydrates into energy while eliminating the amount of the fat the body stores. This diet also provides dieters with valuable information about healthy eating. The Food Lovers Diet is free online, easy to access, realistic, and achievable. It promotes eating more often, but in smaller portions, resulting in the plan working easier to maintain long-term, and also resulting in a happier dieter. The Food Lovers Diet promotes weight loss in a healthier way, gradually, instead of in large amounts in a short period. The disadvantages of The Food Lovers Diet are that the diet plan lacks definitive information, leaving dieters to interpret information on their own, which Increases their chances of coming up with inconsistent meanings. Because dieters are able to eat whatever they like, there is a huge chance of over-indulgence, and losing focus of your diet plan causing heart disease, and cholesterol levels to increase.

This diet is also a disadvantage to those who have problems controlling eating habits. It takes time to get use to the kind of discipline The Food Lovers Diet teaches, especially when your use to eating 3 big meals a day. The most noticeable thing that most dieters would look at as a disadvantage is the fact that on The Food Lovers Diet you do not see results as fast as other diets like The Atkins Diet, the weight gradually recedes. The Food Lovers Diet has advantages including the consumption of carbohydrates, and disadvantages which include over indulgence. As shown above, when compared against each other, The Atkins Diet and The Food Lovers Diet will both achieve your goal of losing weight.

However, The Food Lovers Diet has been proven a healthier choice between the two diets. When looking at the disadvantages of both diets, we discover the Atkins Diet has a wide range of serious health problems. Some health problems include hypertension and liver problems all resulting from the diet plan itself. We have also discovered how difficult Atkins could be to maintain long-term. The Food Lovers diet, on the other hand, has been proven to be more realistic and achievable. Most of the major problems such as heart disease and high cholesterol are dependent mostly on people with no self-control, and have problems over indulging. The Food Lovers Diet not only promotes a healthier way of losing weight but also a more realist way as well. Losing weight should not only be effective but also healthy, after all, our health is the reason for wanting to improve our weight.


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Updated: Apr 12, 2021
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