Religion Is An Important Factor For People

Who are believers it makes them who there yet there is also discrimination or violence to the church such as arson. Most church arsons can be based on bias depending on the reason that the arsonist caused it. There is a complex of motives behind the crimes that can be biased for instance race, religion, politics, mental illness, including revenge. Several cases of church arsons, are mostly attacking black church’s, assuming it is racial profiling that it’s conflicting towards the church, when there are various factors.

Racial profiling it is one of the top reasons that they assume instantly, which it can be false not all actions are based on race. Society has made it that way, instantaneously accusing of racial profiling because there has been discrimination towards race and classify race whether if you are majority or minority, this issue still stands up to this day.

Various religions are expanded all over the world yet there can be hate towards a certain type of religion in particular, doesn’t necessarily have to be because of a group.

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Opposite religions can cause disruption towards how they feel to the church this leads to a case of, “A self-described “missionary of Lucifer,” Mr. Ballinger faces other charges for five church fires in Georgia” (“U.S. church arsonist …”). As it is shown his cause for it was because of his belief that made him an impact to do that choice towards the churches. With the lack of evidence many would start accusing for racial profiling , but in matter of fact he didn’t do it only because of race, he wasn’t only one sided as it is explained here, “Mr.

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Ballinger, who is white, attacked both black and white churches. He carried out more acts of arson than any other church arsonist” (“U.S. church arsonist …”).

Based on his belief, it was the causes of his actions, he did not mention any conflict that he had toward the churches group of races but simply because of his belief. Church arsons has become an issue for politics, politics and religion can sometimes merge, which explains on the attacks that people are doing but also putting other people in danger. It can be based on how the religion is portrayed to different type of religions or aspects that they believe. Iraqi Christians are struggling to survive, since they are targeted and considered as one of the oldest religion. As the report explains here, “Christians remain targets in Iraq. On November 8, car bombs were denotated at two churches in southwest BAGHDAD” (“Baghdad”).

Most of them are fleeing from their home because they feel they are not safe, since they would be considered as Sunni that excludes them from a major section of Islam. There has been reports of attacks that people who oppose Christianity have done to them which it is unfair for them to live in fear, “On October 16, the second day of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, assailants bombed and then they burned five churches in Baghdad” (“Baghdad”) These arsonists are really making an effort to burn all these churches in order to be vanish Christianity, which is based on their religion and seemigly it relates to politics since Iraq Christians have a different perspective to situations which others might not like.

There is no specific way to profile an arsonist, it can be a juvenile , a rich person or even an insane person. With such a wide range of suspect characteristics, investigating an arson can be difficult with little evidence that could be the cause racial profiling. Mental illness can be included into the causes of arson, many cases has been because of that, “A Tennessee drifter who said he set churches afire to help stave off homosexual urges” (“Man Is Found Insane…”). Insanity can make one do things that they are incapable of doing so in the report it said it was help not have homosexual urges which can sound peculiar but that’s the part where insanity plays. Not only that but also shows not all church arsons are effects of racial profiling. It wasn’t a specific church that made him do that it was just at random.

Revenge is what most people like to do, including with religion, it can also have a play too. There can be riot erupted by groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood which have fought with other religions that have been problems from the past and yet still bring them up and burn churches just for the sake of revenge. Some reason for their moves of revenge of what they are doing is , “The Brotherhood members regarded attacking the churches as their revenge against Coptic Egyptians who made their stance against the Brotherhood and support for the Armed Forces quite clear during the June 30 revolution” (“Muslim Brotherhood Sued…”).

As it is said on the quote revenge is still used for the incident they do like church arsoning that it still affects them. To conclude, church arson has the defects of not only being because of race but we are also able to identify the different factors and not assume the defects of race. It has been fairly shown religion is what plays mostly in this type of incidents. Regardless because of being a small town it can happen globally not necessarily you have to be a different race to be attacked. Church arson attacks are to anything there is no specific reason why arsonist do the violence.

Updated: May 23, 2022
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