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Redemption In Amir’s Life

Redemption can have different meanings for different people, it changes the way they look at things in life. Khaled Hosseini’s, Kite Runner shows throughout the book that Amir has achieved redemption in many different ways. Amir has had a journey from sin to redemption and Huge White’s (1773-1840) quote says “When you make a mistake, don’t look back at it too long. Take the reason for the thing into your mind and then look forward. Mistakes are lessons of wisdom.

The past cannot change. The future is yet in your power”. God has made humans so that we make mistakes and we learn from them so that we become better human beings, this is like Amir in the book Kite Runner. The main point in making mistakes is how is it resolved. All throughout Amir’s life he has been trying to achieve redemption, whether it is not living up to family expectations or not saying the truth he always finds a way to redeem himself.

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That is the reason reclamation is a colossal fundamental subject in the Kite Runner.

Growing up in Afghanistan Amir had a lot of expectations such as carrying on his father’s business but this was very difficult for him as he feels that his father does not show him, love, because he killed his mother during birth. Amir believes that his father does not love him so he does everything in his power to make it right. Amir has a servant best friend named Hassan.

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In the year 1975 Amir and Hassan join the kite-fighting tournament, where the two boys battle others in winning the Trophy of Honour. The tournament day arrives and Amir sees this as the perfect way to show to Baba that he can be more of the “Son” that he really wanted, and the main goal was for Amir to achieve redemption from his father. Throughout the novel, it shows that Amir looks up to his father but he could never deliver the final result for what his father wanted and this is where the ideal theme of redemption comes in. Amir and Hassan win the kite-fighting tournament and Amir earns his redemption from his father, but after the tournament, at the end of the day, Amir hurts his best friend where he will have to eventually find a way to make it up.

Amir and Hassan are best friends but the connection they have between their friendship is very different because Hassan is Amir’s servant. Amir is very mean to Hassan every now and again but Hassan would never play Judas on Amir. This has a very special meaning because it is apparent when Hassan says “For you a thousand times over”. After Amir and Hassan won the kite-fighting tournament Amir finally felt a little bit more at peace because things were finally going his way. “Sometimes it takes a wrong turn to get you to the right place”-Mandy Hale. Things don’t always go the way you want it to but sometimes it has to go the wrong way so you eventually go the right way. When Amir cut the last kite down to win the competition Hassan went to run it, they were called “Kite Runners”. When Hassan went to run the kite he ran in to Assef and his friends who were seniors to them and they were bullies. As we know Hassan would do anything for Amir and he did not want to hand the kite over to Assef so this resulted in Hassan getting raped while Amir watched and was too scared to do anything. Amir never told his father this as he was too scared that his father would call him a coward.

On Amir’s birthday, Amir’s father gifted him a watch and some money. Amir could not live with Hassan as he had too much guilt built inside him from the rape incident so he decided to put it under Hassan’s mattress to make it seem as if he stole it. In the end Ali (Hassan’s dad) and Hassan left Amir’s house on their own will even though Baba forgave them. Amir’s and his father move to America and Amir’s life slowly settles down, he ends up marrying an Afghan girl named Soraya. Amir has a lot of blessing in his new life but he is deprived of the inability to have kids. Amir’s powerlessness to have kids could be taken a gander at as fortuitous or emblematic to him offering some kind of reparation for his past mix-ups and hesitations. One day Amir’s receives a phone call from Rahim Khan, Amir’s father’s old friend and business partner. Rahim is now in his old age and is yet to die but he asks Amir to come and visit him in Pakistan. Amir before long understands that the principal purpose behind Rahim Khan requested that he visit was not to see him before he kicked the bucket, but since Rahim needs to enable Amir to prevail with regards to achieving his last recovery. Rahim Khan knew about the kite-fighting competition and what happened after the competition for Amir’s whole life, and now he is giving him away to set things straight. The Taliban have taken over Afghanistan and killed Hassan and his wife leaving his son, Sohrab.

Rahim Khan tells Amir all this information to make Amir go find Sohrab and get his redemption for what he did in the past to Hassan. Rahim Khan says “I have a way to make things right again”. Amir must find Sohrab and give him a proper home in order to achieve the ultimate redemption. Discovering Sohrab was Amir’s most noteworthy achievement, it was a definitive reclamation for all the malicious and uncalled for things that have frequented his past. Amir neglects to go to bat for himself as well as other people, as a youngster. As a grown-up, he recovers his uncourageous past by setting it directly with the assistance of some exceptionally close relatives. Amir experiences numerous phases throughout his life, however, he generally is by all accounts making up for himself for the off-base. Here and there life appears to work out toward the end, and the scan for reclamation may not generally be simple, as saw for Amir’s situation. Be that as it may, a solid will and assurance can help control the way to reclamation and conceivable pardoning.

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