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Reasons Why Germany Lost the First World War

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It is common knowledge that Germany and its allies lost the First World War. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary was a trigger to World War One, however, according to many historians, Germany is responsible for the First World War. Before the war, tension built up amongst the countries so, the war was inevitable. By the end of the war, Germany was bankrupt. Germany and its’ allies, Austria-Hungary and Italy, accepted defeat by signing the Treaty of Versailles on June 28, 1919.

Germany failed to win World War One due to three significant reasons, the failure of the Schlieffen Plan, the United States entering the war, and the Naval Blockade of Germany.

The first reason Germany lost is because the Schlieffen Plan was unsuccessful. The Schlieffen Plan had so many flaws, it had originally been developed by a German field marshal, Count Alfred von Schlieffen, which was a plan to avoid a two-fronted war. Under this plan, Germany would quickly attack and defeat France, the turn forces on Russian which would be slow to get its troops ready for war because of Russia’s undeveloped technology.

For the Schlieffen Plan to work, everything had to go perfectly according to plan.

The Schlieffen had multiple weaknesses. For example, the actions of Russia determined when Germany would have to start their attack on France even if Germany was ready or not and it assumed that Russia would need at least six weeks to mobilise Another example is, it was being assumed that Germany would defeat France in less than six weeks (before the arrival of Russia)… In conclusion, Germany lost WW1 because the French army was able to escape the trap set for them by the Schlieffen Plan, redeploy their forces to the Marne, and halt the German advance in September 1914.

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After that failed, the odds were always going to be against Germany. However, if Germany’s plan would’ve worked, it would have a much greater chance of winning the First World War.

Another reason Germany lost the First World War is because the United States joined. The United States entered WW1 for a few reasons. The main reason is Germany the reintroduction of Unrestricted Submarine Warfare. Another reason is, the Lusitania getting sunk by a German U- Boat. During that time, Germany carried out U-Boat attacks against merchant ships in the Atlantic Ocean because they didn’t trust anybody. The US played many roles in Germany losing the war. For example, they supplied Britain with weapons, food, supplies and etc. This plays a part because WW1 was a War of Attrition and with the US supplying Britain, it was unlikely for Britain to run out of supplies and more likely for Germany because there was no one supplying them.

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