The Reasons Why America is the Greatest Country in the World

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America is an amazing country, unlike any other. We have our flaws as other countries do; but we amend our flaws. We strive to run the most successful government and we are always looking to improve. In a general life in America, some may have a greater chance than others but everyone has a chance to succeed. America is the greatest country because we are the most powerful, are intelligent and supportive to other countries. First, America is a country of immense power.

America's Military is the most powerful combat ready force on Earth. There are nations with larger armies but they lack the resources to successfully launch offensive campaigns. Majority rule is a decision rule that selects alternatives which have a majority, that is, more than half the votes. It is the binary decision rule used most often in influential decision-making this way we can decide what is best for our people. We have learned from failed governments of the past (Greece, Rome) and strive to be the most efficient.

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Next, America is an intelligent country. We developed many different departments in our executive branch to keep our country running smoothly. The executive branch is responsible for implementing and enforcing the laws. Without it, we have laws that never get put into effect. America makes sure we are well defended and have some of the newest technology in our nation. Our three branches of government work together to lead us to success. The president also works to ensure our productivity and represent our country.

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military. We have well developed organization structure.

Last, America is supportive to other countries. America tries to form bonds between them and other countries. We are big buyers and purchase much from other countries and also sell to them. We provide defense for other countries. We send troops in support of allies that need them. Although sometimes we deploy troops when they are not needed and interfere with other's business. We are constantly trying to be involved in world problems. We only wish the best for the world and all of it's people. America is the best country because of our strength, our brilliant minds and our bonds with other countries. We have learned from others and are working to be the best country possible. An American life surpasses many other places to live in the world. Everyone has a shot at success, it's a matter if you're willing to work for it. We have achieved much and continue to improve. I am proud to be an American. America is an amazing country, unlike any other.

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