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The third stanza of the poem “Through Education our Motherland receives Light,” mentions about what education does to those who are under bad influences. Can education really make a change? In our generation, education can only be afforded by those who have money. How about those who can’t? I think this stanza does not apply anymore. There was a time when I caught one of the street children opening my backpack. I realized, how will education turn black crimes pale when those who commit these crimes cannot afford education?

There are also those who educated themselves yet, still do deceitful doings at will.

That’s why I have doubts in this stanza. Yes, it can change someone. It can produce teachers, engineers, accountants and managers but, it’s true power is somehow nulled by those who fail to give importance to it. Nowadays, people go to school for grades and to earn a degree, and not to learn living life with the right values and morals.

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Written with conviction, the poem made me realize how education would be useless without religion. In the third stanza, the vessel struck by winds represents how a human journeys in a life full of challenges and difficulties. Though life continually goes on when you are educated, it is still like a helm deprived when religious teachings and guidance are not included. Life would be out of control with paths unclear and undecided.

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Some may even result to ending his or her life in unexpected circumstances.

In an instance, a person may successfully earn a college degree, but when struggles come just like the strong winds of Tempestuous Boreas, he or she may not survive when the cruelty of life measures his or her dignity and strength to overcome these trials. One concrete example of that downfall is an act of suicidal.

Updated: Apr 19, 2023
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