Reaction Paper on “Matilda”

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“If you’re not having fun, you’re not learning”, this quote is taken form the movie “Matilda”. This is very meaningful to me because it is placed in the classroom of Miss Honey and it contradicts the school’s ambience of not being a conducive place (or even a fun place) learn. This of course is reinforced with the meanest principal on Earth, Miss Trunchbull, who is in fact hates children. I do agree with the quote because if you’re not having fun with what you are doing, then it would not be fun and it would not be even meaningful.

I also think that having that fun environment will have a positive effect on the learner.

The movie has parts that the class really enjoyed. The most thrilling parts for me were: 1) Matilda discovered her power; 2) Matilda was adopted by Miss Honey. I like the first one because I’m always fascinated about supernatural powers and mysticism. My reading preferences are always of a mystical genre, full of witches, spell, and supernatural beings and such.

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When I was a child, I have a very wide imagination and I will always imagine myself as a warlock casting spells or an extraordinary being that have powers like telekinesis, invisibility, shape shifter and many more. I also like the second one because I believe that every child deserves the best home possible. A child should have a home and a family that will encourage and enhance their mind.

The movie, “Matilda”, is a very good movie about reading and about togetherness in the family.

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In the movie, reading for me is depicted in two ways. First, reading is a privilege skill that only the sophisticated people can practice fully. This is half true because nowadays the prices of book are too expensive for the poor people or even some of the middle-class people. Even some of the books that are published here in the Philippines are too expensive. But thanks to the very famous Book Sale, we can afford international or even local books that have a very good authority and storyline.

The second is reading as a very powerful tool in battling simple to complex situations. There was one video I watched there the librarian said that “If knowledge is power, then I am in charge of an arsenal.” The books are powerful arsenals; they’re like bullets and our mind (while
reading them) is the gun.

Matilda is a very wide and complex reader. Wide in a way that she reads books from different genres and different eras. Complex in a way that she reads books that are way passed her capability or understanding as a child. I can really relate to Matilda in a way that I want to read so many books so badly but due to some circumstances I cannot. I can also relate to Matilda’s eagerness in reading. I too am eager in reading, mist especially when I like the book. I always try to read book from different genres and eras, just like Matilda. Reading that widely can enhance your knowledge and other skills like communication and social skills.

All in all, “Matilda” is a very good movie with a lot of lessons like overcoming an obstacle is to face it wholeheartedly and don’t underestimate others. The parents are the ones who will instil the very rewarding skill of reading to their children. And I quote from one Emilie Buchwald, “Children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” We should all be Matilda, a very wide and complex reader and a very enthusiastic one too. Not being a stereotypical child who just plays outside. Lastly, I quote from one Frederick Douglass, “Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”

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