Qualities of a Nursery Nurse

A skill is something that you are astounding at doing, it could come naturally to you or be something you have learnt through experience or training. Nursery nurse, you will need to be a warm and caring individual; very patient with good communication skills; someone who can work with young children and their families in a sensitive and positive way; responsible and good at creating and organising activities for small children; interested in child development; aware of child safety issues; able to work in a team; and willing to develop your skills.

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The skills and qualities a nursery nurse should have are listed below.


* A warm, caring and patient nature

* Good communication skills

* The ability to work with young children and their families in a sensitive and positive way

* A sense of responsibility

* Creative ideas for activities

* An interest in child development

* An awareness of child safety issues

* The ability to work in a team

* A willingness to develop your skills.

* Being able to communicate and listen to your children

* Being efficient, expressive and creative

* Being observant, loving and caring

* Being organised and practical

* Enjoying children and playing with them

* Handling emergency situations

* Having a vivid imagination

* Teamwork and stress management

* Understanding child behaviour and care


* An enthusiastic, cheerful and friendly personality

* Communication and listening skills

* Patience with all children, but especially with those with behavioural problems or special educational needs

A calm nature and the ability to keep a cool head in a crisis

* Team working skills and the ability to get on with adults (parents, colleagues and childcare professionals)

* Creative skills and the ability to plan exciting activities

* Sense of humour and plenty of energy

* Respect for someone cultural and different beliefs

Quality is a multifaceted concept and means poles apart things to diverse people.

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So before challenging to progress quality, first you need to describe precisely what it means. The basic definition of quality is in essence very self-effacing; we see it as the ‘step of excellence’ in healthcare. Of course, excellence has many dimensions. But within the sector it is widely accepted that excellent healthcare should have the subsequent six physical characteristics. Often the dimensions are complementary. However, there are tensions among them that need to be balanced – for example, person-centeredness may not always go hand-in-hand with efficiency.

Alperton Nursery nurses work with children from birth to five years old. They work in day nurseries and scenes, associate teachers in schools and as nannies in private homes. Responsibilities may vary according to the age of the children and the work place. With babies, a lot of the work consist of physical care. With older children, the work involves a mixture of childcare and early education. This will involve organising meals and sleep times, toileting and changing nappies, as well as arrangement and managing play activities and serving to develop children’s language skills.

The nursery wants the staff to be a team player with outstanding announcement skills and trained up in a course in childcare. Having valued experience of working with children aged between 1-5 years, confirming that they are cared for in a happy, safe and motivating environment. A typical nursery nurses at Alperton is passionate about providing first class childcare to infants under their supervision. Having an enthusiastic attitude and working hard to ensure good practice is established across all areas of Alperton Nursery, from planning excellent activities, to communicating with all parents and act as a go-between with other staff.

As an Alperton Nursery nurse you must be ready to give a very high standard of specialised care for children, and to be able to make and keep the trust of parents and carers. Alperton Nursery expect all nursery nurses to have the following qualities listed below:

* To love and comprehend children, and be able to relate to them.

* To be persistent, easy-going, secure and dependable.

* To be in the flesh fit with great staying power.

* To be sharp-eyed, creative, wholehearted, energetic and fun-loving.

* To be able to interconnect with parents, carers, children and other professionals.

* To be conscious of health and protection issues.

* To be able to work in a groups and be responsible.

* To be able to stay composed at all times.

Alperton expects all the nursery nurses in being caring, sympathetic, responsible, and detail oriented. Nursery nurses are able to direct and supervise others, correctly evaluates children conditions, and determine when consultation is required. The nursery nurses are emotionally stable to cope with children grief, traumas, and other pressures.

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Qualities of a Nursery Nurse

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