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Public Speaking Self Reflection

The information in this paper will include the topics of a presentation such as the introduction, body, conclusion, delivery, language, audience and topic, visual aids, and the general evaluation. This paper embraces the thoughts from the presenter, incorporating personal ideas and those of peers and instructors, on how this speech went during each step of the giving process. By reviewing the presentation and accumulating the thoughts of those involved will improve future productions.


The intro to this presentation should catch the attention of any doctor who knows about time management.

Gaining attention and interest early was a goal in this presentation. The topic to save time and view radiology films from home was clear, and informative. An overview was not given of what would be covered instead the speech flowed into the step by step to view the images from home

. Body

The body of this presentation logically flowed step by step, using PowerPoint to deliver messages clearly and so that the audience could follow along more easily.

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No misinterpretation was felt regarding the use of language spoken, and the body was delivered well. The steps were clear and concise.


When viewing the presentation again, it was rushed from start to finish. The time factor disabled the use of more information being shared. A well defined topic would have solved this problem. Watch out for eye contact, hand gestures, and bouncing around, these were noticed and portrayed poor body language. There were not any pauses due to time constraint.

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There were times that there could have been a pause to prove a point, or to allow the audience to ask a question or catch up to the speaker.


The language used was appropriate. Due to the recording device used the audience could not hear clearly. Future presentation must have a better sound system.

Audience and Topic

The message was adapted for the appropriate audience. One of the biggest topics in any clinic is how to save time in a day. This is one suggestion for doing just that. Any doctor looking to save time would view this two minute presentation to allow them a few extra minutes each day.

Visual Aids

Step by step instructions were used via PowerPoint, on how to view Patient Images from home. The slides allowed the audience to view the steps clearly and efficiently. Many times in this presentation the visual aids allowed the speaker a chance to look away from the audience. A quick glance is fine but there is no reason to read the slide.


The end of the presentation was as rushed as the beginning and body. The reinforcement of how this would save time in the day, allowing more time with patients, was preparation to the end of the speech. There was not a vivid ending just more of the same Power Point presentation. A stronger conclusion would have helped close the presentation with confidence.

Overall Evaluation

The presentation was good throughout. There could have been a better sound system to make the presentation more appealing. The requirement was met for the assignment. To respect attention to detail, the time limit was followed closely. A general comment stated, was to wait a second or two prior to speaking to allow equipment to work so as not to cut off the beginning. There was clear purpose and overall the outcome was quite good. By reviewing the important parts of a presentation, introduction, body, conclusion, delivery, language, audience and topic, visual aids, and overall evaluation, the giver of the speech can use the information provided to improve upon them self. Overcoming the need to think of oneself as right and allowing outside perspective enables the speech presenter the ability to become a remarkable speaker, in everyone’s eyes.

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