Protection Of Our Environment - Reaction Paper

The seminar that was held last Saturday, August 9, 2014. It mainly focuses on how to preserve mother earth, especially nowadays that our environment is in danger because of our ruthless actions. That even if we know the effect of doing it(doing things that would destroy the nature), we still do things that we think that is easier to do(take for an example, living your own trashes on the streets because your too lazy to put it on the trash bin that is just a few steps away from where your standing), the main reason is, because things that is right are the difficult once to do, but is this still would be the phrase if we talk about human nature? On PRESERVING IT, so that after 100 years the earth would still be one of the planet that surrounds the sun.

The seminar helps a lot in many different ways, especially to us, the student, we are known to be the “THE PAG-ASA NG BAYAN”.

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It is still our duty to be the role model on changing and preserving the world for the better future of the younger generation ahead us. We will took the first right step, we will be the role model, to the whole world to make them change their hearts, and let us put a remark on their minds that “we need to take responsibility to nurture and nourish our environment”.

There are many cause and effect that the seminar talks about. Just as the speaker told us at the very beginning of his speech, that during his teenage years that he haven’t experience heavy rains that we are experiencing now.

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A perfect example is the Haiyan Typhoon which is popularly known as Typhoon Yolanda that hit almost the whole part of Leyte, Philippines. That was a very traumatic experience for all the victims, as I myself have witness the devastation. All the people never expected it to be that strong, because it’s just lasted like an hours, the results was so bad. At that moment during the typhoon our was like, it inside a huge tornado, that the lacking part is to grab our house, from its inner and deeper foundation. Many people were asking “why”, but we do not have the right to ask, because it is the punishment for us human beings, of how heartless we are, we are giving the mother nature a heartache, so she gave us the perfect punishment for us to remember it, every time we are temp to not care to our own earth, that’s the reason why we are still breathing.

The seminar also talks about on putting your trashes everywhere; it is also the main cause of floods in Metro Manila. People do not think that if they do it, their trashes would be place on canals and it would surely cause a clogging in the canal, and the clogging would cause the canal to over flow, as it over flow, the water would rise and it will result to a flood. And currently our generation, we really love on cutting trees to make use of the land to build a condo, buildings, subdivisions, expansion of universities building facilities and many more that will increase our foreign investors and the economic growth of the Philippines. The forest we convert it to be a business centre, and we, are still not satisfied as we find the land is too small to build those big buildings, so we expand it to the sea. This would really cause a BAD EFFECT to our environment.

Just a few people know this, those people are likely to be describing as the intelligent once, compared to those people who wear tuxedos and bring briefcase of cash. And lastly it talks about on how to dispose our own garbage that would really help mother earth on living for the next 100 years. Those biodegradable we could make a hole in our backyard and put it there, it is because it will just vanish and it will also be a good fertilizer for the land. And for those RECYCLEABLE trashes that we have in the house we could think on how to recycle that one. And for the non-biodegradable, we should dispose it properly. All in all, the seminar was really a big help for all of us who attend to the seminar. I wish that I would not be the only one who knows it’s value for all of us.


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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