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Cessnock City Local Environment Protection

Encourage Cessnock City Council

To see a change we need to start somewhere that has power. If we want to make a change in our local environment the best way to do so is to encourage Cessnock City Council to put measures in action. By informing ourselves on the current matters, backing our points with reliable data and opposing realistic plans and actions we can make an impact on society. What we can do to encourage Cessnock City Council to take action may include:

  • Protests
  • Attend town meetings and discuss issues there.

  • Make the citizens aware of problems in our local community.
  • Join awareness and environmental groups to plan events to take action.

Research (Reliable data)

We can inform ourselves of present and future environmental problems by using reliable resources. Reliable data is crucial for making a difference as we become aware of the problems and have evidence, as such, to back up our points. The Nature Conservation Council, Wilderness Society, World Wildlife Fund or WWF and the National Parks Association of NSW all claim that there is incomplete ecosystem mapping, multi-year delay in publication of data and reports, unreliable clearing detection, inconsistent across jurisdictions, inadequate presentation of data in reports and finally inadequate compliance technology and systems presented by the NSW and Queensland Government’s.

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Supporting landholders to protect and repair landscapes

The Nature Conservation Council, Wilderness Society, World Wildlife Fund or WWF and the National Parks Association of NSW all strongly agree that in addition to strong laws protecting all remnant and regrowing high-conservation value forest and bushland, landholders should be financially supported by our Government to protect specific areas.

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They believe that ‘Significant opportunities exist to support landholders and Indigenous communities to develop revenue streams to repair degraded landscapes, reduce carbon emissions from deforestation and land clearing, and sequester carbon from the atmosphere’. They agree that the fund shall creation job opportunities in sustainable land management in the NSW region. They say to maximize the impact of the fund it should be modeled on Queensland Government’s nascent $500 million Land Restoration Fund and to avoid the mistakes of the Australian Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund.

Movement for Life Program

Movement for Life is a program that helps connect like-minded people to discuss environmental issues. The program helps train Australians to be future environmental activists and leaders. Their vision is to use tools and techniques honed in community organizing programs across the world to reach new audiences and have empowering convocations about Australian nature. They have big dreams in mind, such as to make environmental issues into election-winning issues to convince politicians decision makers to protect the ecosystem that we live in. If you want to do something about our local environment, Movement for Life is a great way to train your convocation skills and make others aware of the current environmental issues. The Wilderness Organisation, who runs this program, have already trained 1,000+ leaders. They run regular training events and take their movement nationwide. To visit their website, and/or join the Movement For Life visit their website or visit

“Movement For Life provides practical, hands-on training in working effectively with people, managing community groups and organizing community events. We can bring about any social change through proper community organizing.” Jasbir, NSW

Key facts and figures:

  • 100 hectares of land had been cleared in the Hunter area.
  • Australia has lost almost 25% rainforest, 45% of open forest, 32% woodland forest and 30% of Mallee forest in 200 years.
  • Currently, 1,000 animal and plant species are at risk of extinction.
  • 80% of NSW top 15 Deforestation hotspots are Koala habitats.
  • 99% of identified Koala habitat on private land in NSW is at risk of being cleared.
  • Koala numbers have declined by 33% between 1990 and 2010
  • Significant areas of woodland are being cleared in the context of coal mine expansions in the upper Hunter.

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