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Pros and Cons Of The Winning


I strongly do not agree with the statement because, Yes, it’s a happy feeling once a person wins but there is much more to life than winning. I think without teamwork and good sportsmanship putting your best foot forward would not be good winning.

Winning isn’t everything but making the effort to win is (Maraniss,2000). This phrase was made by Vince Lombardi. This phrase has turned out to be a very important motivating phrase however, I stand my grounds of disagreeing with the statement because losing builds a person’s character and at the same time help that person to endure and keep going.

When I was younger, I used to love playing basketball. I didn’t hype the sport that much but it was fun playing it and so it captured my attention. Just like me, there were other athletes who knew nothing much of the sport, instead, they played for the enjoyment. Several reasons other than winning was just for the fun, learning and playing for the experience.

Playing a sport is not all about winning. If you win through bad sportsmanship, that’s no real victory”(Zaharias, n.d.). This just shows, if a person focuses so much on winning, then they will never be as happy, instead, they forget the reason for loving the sport.

Winning causes arrogancy in a person. Teammates may think because they won, they are better than the other. It gives them a certain label and most if not all, will make other teammates angry.

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Imagine Caranage FCC wins in their football game. It is quite understandable that they will portray a heavy feeling that no other team is better than they are. This can cause the lowering of the other team spirit which competed with them.

To lose and walk away might lower oneself esteem but at the same time helps that person by showing them the values derived from losing. It builds motivation to rise above. Being on a losing team can do more than just build one’s inner character but help with showing them means and ways to remain a focus for that’s the only way they can prove worth and earn respect. West Indies cricket team, for example, they are respected across the world. It is not because they won so many games, but because each player knows the meaning of teamwork and they help build each other. They are all humans just and they make mistakes just like every other person but what makes it better is that they learn from their mistakes and come back even stronger.

Losing at something that you have worked so hard for can help one build their character. Back in my Secondary school days, I trained so hard for the 400 meters. Every evening I was out practicing. Finally, the day arrived, I was confident that I will win the race. Unfortunately, I came forth. I cried and cried because I trained each day. I felt disappointed because I let my team down. I was so shamed that I wasn’t even feeling the vibes to run any more races. I went into a corner, sat down and calmed myself. Before 20 minutes elapsed, I was able to pick myself up and headed back out to the tracks for the other race. I didn’t place in the race, but I was able to build my character once again to get back on the field.

The reality is, we do not get what we want every time. Chances may arise that we get a job, promotion and sometimes we don’t. It is a good lesson for children to learn and go through things early as it will help them prepare themselves later down in the future.

Another reason why winning isn’t everything is that it encourages self-reflection. Losing helps a person reflect on their attitudes, their morals, and ways in which they can do better. Persons in these situations are often forced to evaluate themselves in the areas for improvement and preventing complacency.

Winning is valuable when it comes with challenges and effort. By this, one can feel a sense of achievement knowing that they did the right things and can be happy with the end results.

The realistic truth is that without competition in life whether in sports, on the workplace or school, a contest will no longer be much fun for the persons taking part. We also cannot disregard any forms of competition due to this reality. Many people just want to win and make their life long pursuit of reality. There are still those who look at the broader picture and look at it with a sense of discipline. For those who can enjoy the love of a game be it in sports or social winnings rather than drawing themselves to the fulfillment from learning to “not win” then they can strongly say they have overcome. I think the key lies in redefining winning in terms of certain goals working to achieve it and get rewarded.

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