Eviction Isn’t Just About Poverty

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The news article discusses the issue of eviction in the United States. The main reason for eviction from houses is due to failed rent payment which can subsequently be as a result of poverty. This, therefore, puts poverty as the main reason one would consider as an inspiration for eviction. However, this is not the case. The post, appearing in the Washington Post on November 10th, 2018, reveals that there are disparities in the factors that constitute the evictions in the united states.

Some of these reasons include race.

The article discusses the central issue of poverty but focuses on how it is not the only reason why most African Americans are evicted from their houses once they fail to pay rent. From the study on which the article is based, it is revealed that an increase in the number of black people in a region, such as Richmond, results in a high increase in the eviction rate than it does when whites move into the area.

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An increase in the number of whites living in the area does not result in the same increase in eviction as doe the increase in African American population. This brings about the issue of racism in the united states and how much it affects the minority groups across different facilities and environments. The researcher found out that in the situation of Richmond, the neighborhoods with the highest poverty rates were not necessarily those with the highest eviction rate (McCoy, 2018). This, therefore, supported the factor or racially based evictions.

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Discrimination in a society impedes the development and citizenship that is to be achieved had all the people been treated equally. In this article, it is revealed that more black people are evicted from their houses than the whites are. As a social injustice, this forces the minority groups always to feel confined in their status as citizens and increase therefore the social vices that they are ever accused of. An issue such as poverty not being the only factor that can contribute to eviction would, thus, motivate the subject to engage in other social vices to at least cover one of the limitations and retain their home. This can result in the subsequent rise in crimes that are racially motivated. It also increases the chance of conflicts in society. Increasing the factors as to why people would hate one another impedes not only the growth of a community but also the peace it is supposed to experience.

The issue of racially based eviction, therefore, impacts on the entire concept of race discussions. With the conceptualized ideologies that racism has been fought, such situations as that of eviction bring them to light and force the political society to face the issue affecting the people. Politically, the government has failed in ensuring justice, and equal opportunities for the people in the country and this has resulted in such situations as discriminative evictions.

My opinion on the same is related to the inherited minority groups bias and discrimination in the community. With the high rate of poverty among the minority groups and the predicaments they are exposed to such as low social justice and the disused issue on racially based eviction, the society is failing to uphold the rights and freedoms it promises its citizens and should be reminded of the same.

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