Pros and Cons of Gated Communities

When you think about a gated neighborhood, what enters your mind? Most likely things like safety, security, exclusivity, pricey homes, and more. But what else lies behind those gates? Privacy and Security Gated communities supply a lot of benefits to the locals that live within them. The number one factor individuals pick to reside in gated neighborhoods is most likely the security element. Because gated neighborhoods are private, they are harder to gain access to than a standard community. Criminal activity is reduced in gated neighborhoods, and lawyers will have a more challenging (if not difficult) time troubling locals.

In reality, the only lawyers you’ll probably get will be community kids trying to offer you publications and woman scout cookies. Traffic Free Traffic and speeding automobiles are likewise minimized behind the gates, making it quieter and much safer for children to play and ride bicycles within these areas. You likely will not have the morning commute utilizing your street as a faster way either, as much as they might desire to.

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Another positive aspect of gated neighborhoods is a greater standard of home quality, and more stringent building regulations that promote uniformity in style.

That means more equivalent sales and much better value for all the house owners within the community. House owners in these communities likewise typically have a higher pride of ownership, and keep their homes in excellent condition. In addition to that, gated communities create a scarcity result, with few homes within these neighborhoods generally offered for sale at the exact same time, including more bite to the value.

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There might also be social advantages, such as a neighborhood center or occasions that promote group activities for households to get to know each other.

Expensive Home Prices and HOAs

Let’s talk about the downsides of gated communities, shall we. For one, or I suppose two, gated communities often come with high asking prices and costly HOA fees to pay for things such gate guards, private security, roads and maintenance. Most roads are deemed private, so you may have to foot the bill to fix those potholes or repave a bumpy road on your own dime. As far as security goes, the safety of gated communities is dependent upon the quality of the system in place, as well as the surrounding areas. And there’s a good chance the community won’t be patrolled by a sheriff unless the HOA approves such action.

Not all gated communities have live guards either, and automated gates aren’t very difficult to breach. Waiting to Get In… Assuming the gate is guarded, visitors and contractors may get aggravated waiting in line to come to your home. Yes, your family and friends may have to wait during busy periods, and you’ll likely need to call down to the gate every time a visitor is expected. This can be especially problematic on holidays when all the in-laws are visiting… And many gated communities limit the time contractors can come work at your home, and may block them altogether on holidays

Gated communities are also typically located farther away from businesses and other services, making the commute a bit longer just to drive out of your neighborhood every day. Also watch out for properties located just inside the gates, or within view of the gates, as they may see a dip in value. While these may not seem like serious issues, HOA fees alone can make affordability a problem. You thought your condo’s HOA was expensive? Try a gated community. At the same time, if you do get your hands on a home in a gated community, there’s a good chance your home will appreciate nicely in the years to come. So it could be well worth the price.

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Pros and Cons of Gated Communities

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