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Professional Development Essay Examples

Relation of Physical Education to the Personality Development of the Students

...In order to get the necessary materials needed for the review of related literature and studies, the researchers visited different libraries namely San Pablo Colleges, City Library, University of the Philippines Los Banos and Colegio De San Juan De Letran. The researchers’ visit and surf different websites to gather more information and data to have a better understanding of the studies. The researchers made test questionnaires to determine the effectiveness of training and development to the ...

Relationship between HRM and Line Manger

...1. West, M. A., Borrill, C., Dawson, J., Scully, J., Carter, M., Anelay, S., ... & Waring, J.. The link between the management of employees and patient mortality in acute hospitals. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 13(8), 1299-1310. 2002 2. Larsen, H. H., & Brewster, C. Line management responsibility for HRM: what is happening in Europe? Employee Relations, 25(3), 228-244. 2003 3. Cunningham, I., & Hyman, J. Transforming the HRM vision into reality: the role of lin...

The Changing Roles of Human Resource Management

...Bohlander, G., & Snell, S. (2010). Managing human resources. Mason, OH: South-Western Cengage Learning. Elsdon, R., & Seema, I. (1999). Creating value and enhancing retention through employee development: The Sun Microsystems experience. Human Resource Planning, 22(2), (p.39). Abstract retrieved from General Reference Center Gold database. Freeman, C. (1997, May). Training HR pros to fit your culture. HR Focus, 74(5), (pp. 9-11). Retrieved from General Reference Center Gold database. Mes...

Human resource management Policies and Principle

...4.Principle of participation to associate employee representatives at every level of decision making 5.Principle of fair remuneration to pay fair and equitable wages and salaries commensurating with the jobs 6.Principle of incentives to recognize and reward good performances 7.Principle of dignity of labour to treat every job and every job holder with dignity and respect 8.Principle ofoflabour management co-operation- to promote cordial industrial relations 9.Principle ofof team-spirit to promot...

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