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Prison Essay Examples

Sentencing Alternatives: Prison, Probation, Fines, and Community Service

In the recent years, use of other alternative options of sentences apart from incarceration is being advocated in United States and Canada among other countries as a way of solving the issue of congestion in prisons. Therefore, use of alternative sentencing will help in stabilizing the prison populations. Criminal sentencing should help in punishing and…

To torture or not to torture prisoners

Torture is taken to be a process of inflicting pain to someone in whatever form for purposes of obtaining information. The information to be given is usually a confession. In this regard, torture can take a form of physical form or mental as well as emotional form. Torture is a painful experience on the side…

The countries with small prison

           Small prison populations in a country may mean that the government is soft on crime since prisons were designed to hold the law breakers who have been convicted. On the other hand, it may mean that the government and the citizens of a country are doing enough on rehabilitation, training…



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Is life in prison without parole better than the death penalty?

This is it, this is the last time you will ever see daylight again. The dim light of the outside world seems to be overtaken by shadows. You squeeze your eyes shut, and then everything goes dark. That is the death penalty. What exactly is the death penalty? In the dictionary, it is defined as,…

Punishment vs. Rehabilitation within the criminal justice system

I. Why did you pick this topic? If you were bullied in school as a child, then the “best years” of your life may have felt more like an endless, living nightmare. There is no shortage of social predators trying to boost their self-esteem or status at other people’s expense. Now imagine a school of…

Juvenile Justice: Incarceration vs. Intervention

Abstract The national trend towards getting tough on juvenile crime by altering the juvenile justice system to more closely mirror the adult system was examined in order to determine whether secure confinement of juvenile offenders is as effective as community-based rehabilitative and treatment programs for these youth. Politicians and public perceptions have allowed the juvenile…

Classical School of Criminology: Definitions of some terminology

Introduction The Classical School of Criminology emerged during the period of Enlightenment and was to become an important role player in the scientific study of Criminology. The Classical School of thought offered the first naturalistic explanation of crime and basic ideas about crime and a criminal justice system were developed. (Bezuidenhoud, 2013, p. 126) The…

The House I Live In

The war on drugs whether wrong, right, or indifferent, has yielded a plethora of life changing outcomes for many United States citizens. Both the plaintiff and the defendant have their own side of the dispute, and yet somehow the plaintiff in the non-stop ‘cash grab’ that’s so conveniently nicknamed the “War on Drugs” gets the…

Comparing and contrasting the presentation

 Comparing and contrasting power in Hawk Roosting and Human Interest The effects of power seem to be largely psychological in both poems. In Human interest the damage coursed by love and jealousy drives the man to kill his lover , to show power not only to himself but to his girlfriend. Later on in the…

Corrections Paper

The criminal justice system is responsible for enforcing the laws created at each level of government. A major part of enforcing the laws is detaining the people who break them. The way that an offender is punished for a crime can be different depending on age or the type of crime committed. Depending on the…

Diversion Program

No particular scheme can pay for the assortment of diversion programs required to successfully interject in the imprisonment and detention of individuals with recurring conditions. Most specifically, when an assortment of methods is overstretched in its efforts to identify a favorable diversion resource, every proposed process typically declares funding deficiency to its fellow method, thus…

Prison Violence

Prison violence is something that has been an ongoing problem and can be seen in many different forms. It happens in men, woman and juvenile facilities. The level of violence and severity can differ but it is all categorized as prison violence and has become an increasingly major issue on the U.S. It is safe…

Bureau of Prisons Regulatory Agency

Health Care is not just of concern to the private sector. Health Care reaches into the prison system as well. Federal and state laws have been created to ensure that the prison system provides health care through the medical facilities available. The Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) is the government agency that regulates the health…

Prison Environment

 The prison environment could be define as a place to help persons convicted of crimes change their way of lifestyle, if it is a problem and serve out their sentence. The prison discussed in my readings is an environment where anyone from the cook to the janitor could influence someone to make a change in…

Death and Absurdism in Camus’s The Stranger

In his novel The Stranger1, Albert Camus gives expression to his philosophy of the absurd. The novel is a first-person account of the life of M. Meursault from the time of his mother’s death up to a time evidently just before his execution for the murder of an Arab. The central theme is that the…

Good Essay Topics on Prison

There are some themes that often confuse the students, making them wonder what they should write about. The theme of prison is an example for this and if you have the task to complete such kind of essay, you might be looking for some help. The main rule is to move from the general to the specific and stop on something that would recover only partial side of the whole sphere.

Pay attention that the topic of your paper is supposed to be exhausted enough to show the readers what they are going to meet inside. Additionally, it must be interesting and attractive to your audience and make them become curious about your composition.

In order to help the students with finding an excellent topic, we made the list of persuasive essay topics on the mentioned theme. Study them and find that one you would be interested in.

  1. Are fines an appropriate alternative to the prison?
  2. Torturing prisoners
  3. The countries that have a small number of prisons
  4. Criminal justice system
  5. Rehabilitation and punishment
  6. Violence in prison
  7. The right to vote for prisoners. Is it necessary?
  8. The improvement of the conditions in US prisons
  9. Should the phenomenon of the life imprisonment be stopped?
  10. The opportunities for prisoners to complete their education
  11. The differences in the prison conditions in the US and European countries

Be confident your topic is not only specific but also has lots of information from the reliable true sources. Your ideas are of the extreme value but they should be supported by the factual data. Each of the statements that you are going to include in the body paragraphs should be held up with the examples and details. Find more by studying the argumentative essay examples and define your strategy how to write persuasively.


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