Pride & Prejudice: Character Analysis: Mr. Darcy

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After reading the book and watching the movie, I chose Mr. Darcy because he to me has changed the most throughout the story. Fitzwilliam Darcy, generally referred to as Mr. Darcy, is one of the two central characters in Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. He secretly has a romantic interest in Elizabeth Bennet, the book’s main character. We are given a one-sided view of Darcy for much of the book but hints are given throughout that there is much more to his character than what is being shown.

There is dramatic irony between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. Darcy is noble and full of his own pride while being a wealthy gentleman with a high income and the proprietor of Pemberley a large estate in Derbyshire England

At the dance, he does not want to dance with anyone because he thought that nobody was worthy enough for him. When Darcy first meets Elizabeth at a ball, he says mean things about her while she is nearby.

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He gradually starts to like her and later attempts to ask her out. But since Darcy was rude to her it caused her to not be too fond of him. He does, however, mention later on to Elizabeth that he does not find it easy to make new friends and finds it hard to talk with people he doesn’t know.

Darcy is attracted to Elizabeth early on but he sees her as a childish young lady and doesn’t he can be seen with her however his feelings for her are so strong that he decides to just wait a while to realize that he really just wants to marry her and he doesn’t care what anyone else would think about it.

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Darcy gets over his “prejudices” against marrying the middle-class. Darcy has little patience for polite society with its false relationships and complicated lifestyle and prefers to run Pemberley or be outdoors. Though Darcy treats Elizabeth like she’s not that special, he always finds her to be intelligent and loves the way she’s different from the other girls by just being herself. His first engagement proposal to Elizabeth, when he acts with more pride rather than in a loving manner, she immediately said no. Despite how Elizabeth often mocks him, she is surprised by his ongoing interest in her.

Darcy's is shown by the way he pursues Elizabeth, because deep down he kind of really likes her but doesn’t show it correctly. He says to her that they are in two different social classes and doesn’t want to be seen with someone of her low-class, Elizabeth is offended and refuses him. Insulted by Darcy's rude statement, Elizabeth says she might’ve still had feelings for him if he was nicer. Although Darcy was a little angry after she said that, he’s surprised to find out how he really presents himself and how his behavior is perceived by others is a tad harsh and acts like the high-class people who he does not respect so he decides to change his manner.

After Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley leave to go back and visit Darcy's sister, some time passes and Elizabeth goes and visits Mr. and Mr.s. Collins when they are invited out by Mrs. Catherine. While they are visiting, Mr. Darcy shows up and they have dinner. Elizabeth is first embarrassed to be discovered at Pemberley, having only visited on the belief that Darcy wasn’t there, however she is surprised to see a marked change in Darcy's attitude. Seeing that Darcy takes good care of his estate shows his civilised nature which he hides under his portrayed behavior of snobbiness. Them meeting reignites a spark between the two. Darcy later visits Elizabeth and this conversation shows a close look at his personal side and true emotions. The audience has not got much of a look throughout the movie. These actions caused Darcy to send a letter telling all his true emotions about everyone in her family and telling a truth about Mr. Wiggums that destroys a big barrier between the two main characters.

With Darcy's secrets released to Elizabeth, he is set to fix his wrongs and make things right. He starts to be more open with her, and at the same time, is slowly helping everyone in her family. Darcy does all these actions on a personal mission in hope to improve himself as a man and change how Elizabeth sees him. This shows us how much he has changed during the time of the movie.

She later goes on a trip with her mother and Mr. Duchens where they end up at Mr. Darcy's estate. When Mr. Darcy sees another with the woman he is supposed to marry, she sees him and gets angry. Elizabeth then storms out and Darcy follows her out and they just yell at eachother about how they feel and leave them both with mixed emotions. She then leaves the estate and comes back with news of her sister running away, and Darcy trying to improve his ways is determined to help. Elizabeth goes home and gets word of her sister's marriage. When she returns, she hears how Darcy paid for the whole thing. This opens her eyes and changes her whole perspective of him, allowing her to see the bigger picture.

Darcy later brings back Mr. Bingley along with him to fix their mistakes and marry Jane. This made Elizabeth talk with Jane after and they speak of their feelings where Elizabeth confesses she loves Darcy. So she goes looking for Mr. Darcy and he had the same thing in mind, then they immediately bump into each other. Elizabeth finally accepts his proposal because she knows now that she really loves him. A sign that this is a marriage based on love and not his money.

This all helps see how Mr. Darcy changes his personality and ways just to make ends meet which is ironic due to the fact Elizabeth did not come close to meeting his expectations and now she is the love of his life.


Updated: Dec 12, 2023
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