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Practicum report

It is nestled in the heartland of Tagaytay where whiff of Cool Mountain breeze with a dramatic flora and fauna that envelope the place to maintain its country charm. It is a place where all your comfort is within reach from sports facilities, spa, to your shopping spree. Come and experience … Tagaytay Country Hotel grandeur of nature and renowned dedication to its warmth and personalized service. Tagaytay Country Hotel is Operated by The Olivarez Group of Company and owned by former Major Pablo Olivarez of Parañaque, with 68rooms the hotel is rated as Standard Hotel by the DOT and 4 star hotel rate by the Philippine Travel and Tours Inc. for its amenities and services.

Tagaytay Country Hotel is manage by Ms. Arlyn Jierah Valencia (Asst. Resident Manager).Tagaytay City is considered as the “second summer capital” of the country next to Baguio City because of its crisp and cool weather climate, balmy winds and foggy mists all year round. It is a treasure box of pleasure points by itself. It is a perfect picnic spot. Tagaytay, however, is more than a picnic haunt. The place has many congregational houses, retreat centers and most especially to Hotel accommodations wherein you can find a place, a heaven under the sky – the splendor of “TAGAYTAY COUNTRY HOTEL”. Average temperature is 22.7 degrees Celsius. Tagaytay Country Hotel offers 68 elegantly designed guest rooms and function rooms with complete amenities and facilities that can accommodate 500 to 800 persons.

I.A. Name and General Location

Tagaytay Country Hotel is located within Olivarez Plaza along Aguinaldo Hi-way, the Business district of Tagaytay City 56 km travel from Manila to Tagaytay. The place is near view site at Tagaytay Rotonda, the hotel is beside Caltex at the right side of the map and across caltex is jollibee.Mc Donalds is the easiest land mark to find Olivarez plaza and Tagaytay Country Hotel. The left side of Emilio Aguinaldo highway leads to silang, dasmarinas and carmona, on the right side it leads you to rotunda an intersection that leads to tagaytay highlands and batangas. olivarez plaza also have a short cut at the back side leading to Tagaytay higlands. this place is also near a jeep and van terminal, a few blocks away, across the street the plaza is also a bus stop going to silang, dasmarinas and carmona.


To exceed our clients expectations by providing the best service and continuously aspire for excellence through hard work, diligence and respect towards our guest, the organization, its officials and workers. Olivarez
plaza Tagaytay is the leading option tourist and visitors destination in Tagaytay City. We will be known for our exemplary service and commitment among the hospitality industries worldwide.


Tagaytay Hotel Country Hotel was owned by the Olivarez Family, Dr. R Olivarez, the president, Ms. Evangeline Olivarez-llas, the General Manger and Ms. Ephel De Leon Olivarez, the Operations Manager. It was founded on February 2000.Tagaytay Country Hotel was opened in 2002, named country inn and later was changed to Tagaytay Country Hotel in the year 2002. The Hotel has 18 superior rooms, 10 deluxe rooms, 15 studios, 1 suite and 17 Economy rooms and several function rooms, including the 350 El Caviteno ballrooms.

All rooms are equipped with cable TV, mini bar, hot and cold shower, NDD/IDD telephone and individual air conditioning. Room rates from Php 3,750 to Php 6,850php The hotel has now been modified and expanded to their rooms and function rooms. with a total of 61elegant designed guest rooms with complete amenities and facilities. The hotel has a total of seven function rooms, while the amphitheater can accommodate 800persons. El Caviteno ballroom can be divided into three function rooms that are Kawit, Imus and Rosario. Ballroom can accommodate up to 300 persons. Calabarzon can be divided into three smaller function rooms that are Cavite,Laguna and Batangas. Calabarzon can be flexible in set-ups to up to 150persons the smaller function rooms are also flexible for large group size


Overall responsible for the operation of the hotel. Within guidelines established by the owners of the hotel or executives of the hotel chain, the general manager sets room rates, allocates funds to departments, approves expenditures, and establishes expected standards for guest service, decor, housekeeping, food quality, and banquet operations. Managers who work for chains also may organize and staff a newly built hotel, refurbish an older hotel, or reorganize a hotel is not operating successfully. In order to fill
low-paying service and clerical jobs in hotels, some managers attend career fairs.

Lives in hotels and is on call 24 hours a day to resolve problems or emergencies. Responsible in managing the hotel staffs and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the hotel. In many hotels, the general manager also is the resident manager.

Ensures that guest rooms, meeting and banquet rooms, and public areas are clean, orderly, and well maintained. They also train, schedule, and supervise the work of housekeepers; inspect rooms; and order cleaning supplies.

Food and beverage supervisors oversee the day-to-day operations of dining facilities. This includes the recruitment, training and management of staff, the procurement of services and inventory, and providing excellent customer service. Food and beverage supervisors can find employment in a variety of environments including restaurants, hotels, and banquet halls.

Spa supervisors should have great managerial skills and be able to follow, support and enforce the facility’s policies and procedures. Being a spa supervisor means having the ability to sell concepts and ideas to peers, management and employees and having a “can-do” attitude. Also, a spa supervisor must possess the ability to solve practical problems and deal with a variety of different situations at one time.

Directs the actual distribution or movement of a product or service to the customer. Coordinate sales distribution by establishing sales territories, quotas, and goals and establish training programs for sales representatives. Analyze sales statistics gathered by staff to determine sales potential and
inventory requirements and monitor the preferences of customers.


Oversees the service of the restaurant and reports to the department heads. WAITERS & WAITRESSES

Greeting Customers, in some restaurants, there is a host or hostess to greet customers and take them to their tables. Other restaurants, however, require the waiter to greet and seat guests before serving them. Offering and Serving Beverages and Appetizers, upon the arrival of a group of customers, the waiter should offer beverages and appetizers. The waiter should be knowledgeable about the various soft drinks, wines and spirits that the establishment offers, as well as the appetizers on the menu. The waiter places the orders and delivers the drinks and appetizers to the customers. Taking and Serving Meal Orders, One of the waiter’s main duties is taking and delivering food orders.

The waiter must be able to discuss the daily specials as well as the restaurant’s regular menu items. A waiter should be extremely familiar with the entire menu, including which entrees come with side dishes. Continued Service After the meal has been delivered, the waiter pays attention to the needs of the table, re-filling drinks, taking away soiled dishes and offering napkins or other amenities offered by the establishment. Delivering the Check and Accepting Payment, The waiter totals the guest check and takes it to the customer. He also accepts payment when it is not done by a cashier and must be aware of the accepted forms of payment. Waiters usually receive a tip of 18 percent to 20 percent of the total check. Whatever the tip may be, the waiter should accept it graciously I.E. FACILITIES

HOTEL FACILITIES & AMENITIES Country Café 61 elegant guest rooms Amphitheater De Luxe Room Convention center Economy Room Swimming pool Studio De Luxe Queen Size Bed
Basketball court Studio De Luxe Twin 4 indoor badminton Suite Room La costa spa Superior Room Laundry services Spacious Function rooms for conferences, Spacious car park seminars, and meetings

Batangas Function Room
Imus Function Room
Kawit Function Room
Rizal Function Room
Rosario Function Room

Located in Tagaytay, just a 10-minute drive from The Picnic Grove and the People’s Park Tagaytay Country Hotel provides air-conditioned rooms and facilities like an outdoor pool, a spa and a badminton court. Wi-Fi is available free of charge in public areas. The rooms are equipped with a minibar, a cable TV and free toiletries. Some rooms also come with a separate seating area, a dining area and a kitchenette with a microwave. Guests can enjoy local and Korean food at Country Cafe and Country Restaurant. Refreshing drinks and alcoholic beverages are available at the Country Restaurant’s bar.

Room service is available. The hotel also features luggage storage services at the 24-hour front desk, a tour desk and laundry services. Entertainment facilities include billiard tables, and basketball courts. Hotel Tagaytay Country is a 10-minute drive from the Ilog Maria Honey Bee Farm, while The Casino Filipino is a 15-minute drive away. Parking is available and free, on site.

Food and Beverage Department is responsible for the daily operations of restaurants, bars and others places like kiosks around the beach and pools at the hotel.Handling and control the employees in their tasks and functions like: such as that makegreeting, gives welcoming and escort guests to their seats and to giving the menus tothem, and also taking food and drinks orders and server the beverages during they stayingat the restaurants.



Manage the daily activities of the F & B department. Making some weekly or monthly inventory. Guiding the employees in their workplace. Making sure that everything is good in the f & b department. ASSITANT CAPTAIN

Assists the f & b manager. Make some decisions when the f & b manager is not around. WAITERS/WAITRESS
They serve foods to the customers. They do room services.
They are in-charge of billing in the f & b department.

Front office department have a three shifting schedule: morning shift that starts from 6am-3pm, mid shift 10am-7pm & 12pm-9pm then night shift or graveyard shift 9pm-6am same goes with the Housekeeping Department three shift as well. F&B Department have two shifting, morning shift at 6 a.m. until three p.m. The afternoon shift starts at two p.m. until eleven p.m.

The communications style of the hotel is through the use of telephones, fax and computers & portable radio. All department have a telephones to communicate easily to each areas and other department hotel. They use fax machine to send a letter or important document for the business transaction. For reservation they also use telephones or through email transactions.

The employees of Tagaytay Country Hotel works in coordination they have high adherence with attendance, work on time and finished the assigned task in a good and quality performance. The employees always follow the standard procedures of the hotel to meet the satisfaction of the guest. II.5. INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIP

All staffs in Tagaytay Country Hotel maintain a good relationship to each fellow employee during working hours. In all departments they cooperate and implements good and quality service in their respective working areas and to impress guests. All department heads portrays good image to their fellow workers. II.5 VENTILATION

Tagaytay Country Hotel has good complete ventilation setup. All rooms (economy, suite, deluxe, studio), the function rooms (el Caviteno ballroom, Amphitheater, convention center, Calabarzon) and offices has its own air-conditions to make entire area more comfortable and well ventilated. Also the Country Café has its own centralized air-conditioned to make the whole area cool for the customer. The complete lights and decoration of whole hotel area creates a pleasant appearance of the entire hotel. In addition is the centralized sound systems that produce harmonious music within the lobby and hallways of the hotel which make the place more relaxing.

All areas of Tagaytay Country Hotel are well monitored and sanitized. The Housekeeping Department is the overall in charge in maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of the hotel. Each departments also acts as a support system for the cleaning system of the hotel. II.B. STRENGTHS

Tagaytay Country Hotel has complete facilities for the guests’ needs and satisfaction. In this establishment, each guestroom is designed to comfort guest, while the staffs and employees are hospitable and friendly to all guests. They have different facilities that will meet the needs of the guest such as swimming pool with Jacuzzi, country café, La Costa spa, laundry service, supermarket, spacious car park, four indoor badminton courts, tennis and basketball court, and business center like convention center, amphitheater and spacious function rooms for conferences, seminars and meetings. The strength of the employees hear in Tagaytay Country Hotel is there team work that makes their work easier and fun.

They also give respect to whom that is in the position like the department heads. They also give a good example to practicum students and train them with the hotels standards. The management in Tagaytay Country Hotel is well manage with proper standards. The resident manger also maintains closeness to his/her employees to develop team work to reach their goal. As a trainee we were equipped and prepared for this training program to experience the real world of hospitality. In this hotel we were trained in different types of department. Indeed the training program developed our skills and enhanced our knowledge in this field, this experience made us more confident to face the challenges of the competitive world.

The weaknesses of Tagaytay Country Hotel are the ongoing constructions within the hotel, which makes an eyesore for the guest to look at. Some facilities need to be updated and the hotel needs repainting to create a new and youthful look. They have maximize the range of their marketing tools through social media so the hotel can attract more guests, presently the hotel have an older approach when it comes with reservation (walk-in & telephone reservations). Nowadays the trends are through on line reservation services. The hotel also have limited package rate which makes it less diverse compare to the other hotels.

I recommend that tagaytay country hotel should put some more effort in their facilities to have more customers, guests and sales. For me, they need to improve their hotel in order to capture more attention from the customers. I also recommend that they should be more efficient specially in serving foods for the guests.


I therefore conclude that Tagaytay Country Hotel is one of the best hotel chains in the area of Tagaytay. I also believe that Tagaytay Country Hotel can compete with other standard hotels because they have the competitiveness when it comes to workplace.

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