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In the “Power of Volunteering” I enjoyed reading this article and reading how people volunteer on their free time. I have never volunteered on my personal time but I would love to do something for my community. Whether it would be working at a hospital or working in an elderly home. I personally love helping people with whatever they can not do because seeing someone struggling or just not able to physically do anything breaks my heart. Strong points in the essay would be is when the author talks about why they volunteer.

I thought they volunteer just to give back to the community but not to read that when their house burnt down the community helped them threw in a curve ball. Since I have never volunteered my personal connection would be the other day driving to McDonald’s I saw a homeless man with a sign saying scared can you please spare some change.

Every time I see a homeless person I always think well that could be me I could be homeless and that is why I never take anything for granted.

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So after going through the drive thru and getting food I ordered something for the homeless man because I didn’t know when he last ate and just seeing his sign really made me sad.

In the article the thesis is the last sentence in the article stating that their family spends their free time volunteering. When reading the article the thesis is at the end of the paragraph and the author really gets readers hooked on wanting to read more.

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It tells you what they don’t do on their free time so leaves you wondering and wanting to know more. The thesis does state one opinion but not their main points until the second and third paragraph stating that their father and her volunteers at a food bank, her mother volunteers at a hospital greeting people at the front desk, and her sister works at a shelter for dogs.

When reading the title it does draw me in because it makes me wonder what volunteering the author is doing. The introduction keeps me wondering because it states they do not spend much time at home, so it has me reading more and finding out what they do when they are not home. In the first paragraph it states that where they all volunteer, in the second it states what they do. In every paragraph it helps you understand a little more about
their volunteering and keeps us reading to find out more.

In each body paragraph the author relates to the topic sentence. The author gives details of what they do while volunteering and then give examples. In the first paragraph they start exampling where they volunteer, while in the second paragraph they give details on what they do. Her father and her work at the food bank organizing and counting food, her mother greets people at the front desk of the hospital, while her sister works at the shelter playing with homeless dogs.

The author examples why they all love volunteering saying her father loves knowing a child will have food to eat that day, her mother loves comforting sick people and comforting their loved ones, while her sister loves playing with dogs who are locked in their cages all day. Each body paragraph gives full details and examples to let the readers know what they do while volunteering and not guessing or confused.

In the conclusion the author restates each main points by saying they may not spend much time at home but when they volunteer they know a hungry person receives food, frightened people find comfort, and homeless dogs receive love. The conclusion is very strong and lets the readers know what all they have exampled in the story. In the end they state that when they volunteer they know comfort and happiness spreads and personally the author could have added another sentence but they do let the reader know how they feel.

The author’s word choice are very simple and easily understanding. While reading this article I had no confusion and could understand when they were exampling every detail.

They never used any slang or contractions. When reading this article I could understand and get an idea of what they were doing while volunteering and imagine what they were doing. In the beginning the author states a simple sentence saying, “The members of my family do not spend much free time at home”. It gives us a subject and verb but could explain something else in the sentence as well. A compound sentence in the article is we do have a social life, but socializing is not the largest part of our free time.

They explain that they have a social life but it is not the largest part in their daily life as volunteering is. A complex sentence in the article would be when the author says, “In addition, everyone in my family enjoys the great rewards of sharing”.

If I wrote this essay I would not have changed anything until the last sentence. The author could have added another sentence to explain why comfort and happiness spreads when volunteering. I think the author wrote the paragraph well and gave details supporting each paragraph. When reading this article it helps me realize that when writing essays if you give an example on what you are doing you need to have details explaining why and what happens when volunteering.

The author states that when their house burnt down the community helped them and that’s why they give back and have a motive. The author could have just wrote that they volunteer and why but they give full examples to let the readers know and get a feel on why they like to give back to the community, and to see happiness for people and animals spread and grow funder.

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Power of Volunteering

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