Possibility to Extend The Supposed New School Year With Some Sort of Summer School

It has come to my attention that the school board is considering extending the school district by 40 days. This concerns me as much as it concerns you so now I will make three different points and show a rebuttal and reason why it wouldn’t help. I really hope this is enough to discourage you from adding on to the school year. And as an addition, I will mention a compromise that could help make the best of both worlds. One of my three reasons is because that it is way to many days, as it extends the supposed new school year to over one month long, which I don’t think either staff or students will enjoy.

Maybe if you extend by 15 or 20 days would be better. Also it may mess with some schedules if you change it now. Maybe you could create a different program such as a sort of summer school.

This form of summer school could be optional to those who want to learn a bit more over the summer break.

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The staff at this new program could also be volunteers, or the teachers if they choose. Also it would start getting too costly to have the school open 40 days longer as the school is going to have to pay staff more which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but to the school it could hurt in the long run. This also gets a little more expensive for parents too, as they have to get more supplies over the year.

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Another way this would get to expensive is that due to the school being open longer and using more lights and water. The bills the school district has to pay would get too expensive. While you could make the point that it would give teachers more time to teach units and lessons, this only really applies to those that don’t understand that lesson or unit. And in a way it sort of punishes those that do understand it by making them do multiple times, and eventually making it superfluous.

Most subjects that are superfluous or redundant can cause the student to lose interest in learning that subject, which is the opposite of what we want our schools to make students feel. If our students don’t feel their absolute best, then they won’t do their absolute best, and that would be the result of these extended lessons due to the longer year. And for my final point, I think it would affect what people would do with their break. Let me ask you, do you take trips with your family during summer break? There is a decent chance you do because about forty percent of Americans do each year. Since it is a month shorter, it could mess with people schedules to go on trips.

This would also mess with how much time teachers and staff get to spend with their friends and family. Most of the time, this would only be a minor inconvenience. But in some rare few cases, such as a relationship on thin ice, this could have a much bigger impact on these people. In conclusion, the change in school days would mess with multiple parts and change the tasks a family would try to accomplish throughout the summer break before it eventually ends. But there are some certain compromises that could also have the best of both worlds.

One of these compromises would be the optional summer school from earlier. In the end though we should just keep it the way it is. I really hope you don’t elongate the school year, because the way we have it now works just fine. And you have to understand how us, the students, feel about this possible law.

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