The Dynamics of Political Writing: Orwellian Insights


Clarity and simplicity stand as the bedrock of genuine communication, the pivotal elements that unravel the truth for readers. Delving into the intricate realm of politics proves to be a formidable task—one that demands adept expression, comprehension, and a continual pursuit of truth. George Orwell, in his illuminating essay "Politics and the English Language," casts a discerning eye on the evolving nature of contemporary writing. He underscores the impact of societal habits, both constructive and detrimental, on the authenticity of textual information.

Analysis of Contemporary Political Writing

An exemplary instance illustrating the complexities of political writing is found in Thom Shaker's article titled 'No plan B for Pentagon in case of big budget cut.' While ostensibly crafted to inform, the article appears more as a display than a genuine source of information, seemingly glorifying the Pentagon and the military. Orwell's emphasis on simplicity and clarity as the hallmarks of effective writing serves as a lens through which we can scrutinize contemporary political discourse.

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The article raises concerns about potential massive budget cuts if an agreement is not reached between the White House and Congress, asserting that the defense department has yet to formulate a plan for such a scenario. Orwell would commend the writer for the simplicity with which the issue is presented—clearly outlining the problem while avoiding unnecessary jargon. The absence of convoluted terminology, as Orwell suggests in his essay, makes the information accessible to a broad demographic range, bridging the understanding gap between matured adults and young adults.

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The article maintains a delicate balance between sophistication and simplicity, echoing Orwell's call for language to be an instrument of expression rather than a tool for concealing or obstructing thought. By avoiding the pitfalls of 'bad habits' in writing, such as overcomplication and the use of obscure language, the author successfully communicates the issue without alienating readers based on their level of maturity or understanding.

Orwellian Rules in Contemporary Writing

George Orwell's "rules of writing" underscore the profound influence of societal 'bad habits' on today's political discourse. The improper application of techniques to appear sophisticated has, more often than not, resulted in confusion and a departure from the essence of clear communication. Orwell's call for a change in political writing is an urgent plea to dispel the prevalent nonsense and confusion, urging writers to adhere to simplicity and clarity to foster genuine understanding.

Orwell's rules emphasize the need to eschew pretentious language, opting for direct and straightforward expression. The contemporary reader, bombarded with information from various sources, benefits from writing that is accessible and devoid of unnecessary complexity. Political discourse should be a tool for elucidating ideas, not obfuscating them. Orwell's insistence on the use of clear language, free from clichés and inflated diction, resonates even more strongly in the digital age, where information overload is a constant challenge.

Moreover, Orwell's critique of political language extends to the manipulation of statistics. In the article by Thom Shaker, the potential budget cuts are presented with a veneer of objectivity, yet Orwell would caution against taking such numbers at face value. Statistics, if not presented transparently and with context, can be a potent tool for manipulation. The contemporary writer, following Orwell's principles, must strive for honesty and clarity when incorporating statistical data, ensuring that it enhances understanding rather than obscures the truth.

The Call for Change: Reimagining Political Writing

The evolution of political writing necessitates a paradigm shift—one that aligns with Orwell's vision of language as a vehicle for transparent communication. In the current landscape, where misinformation and manipulation are rampant, writers bear the responsibility of upholding the principles of simplicity, clarity, and honesty. The example of Thom Shaker's article serves as a reminder that even seemingly informative pieces can carry undertones of bias and manipulation.

Political writers should adopt Orwell's approach not as a constraint but as a liberating force. By prioritizing simplicity, they empower a diverse readership to engage with and comprehend complex issues. In the age of instant information, where attention spans are fleeting, the onus is on writers to convey their message effectively without succumbing to the allure of convoluted language.


Orwell's work, though written in a different era, transcends time as a manifesto for clarity in political writing. His rules are not rigid dictates but flexible guidelines that can steer contemporary writers toward a more authentic and impactful mode of expression. Embracing these principles is not just a call for change; it's a clarion call for a renaissance in political writing that empowers readers with the truth.

Updated: Nov 30, 2023
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