Police Essay Topics

Game Wardens

1. Why do most game wardens decide to become game wardens? Most guys become game wardens because they like the outdoors and fish and wildlife in general. In my case, it ran in the family as your Grandad, Larry Glover, was a game warden. 2. What kind of things does a game warden do? Can… View Article

Impact the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry

Discuss the impact the Stephen Lawrence inquiry has had on the Criminal Justice System? This essay will screen through the changes made in major areas of Criminal Justice System after the Stephen Lawrence Inquiry Report published and attempts to address changes that have already implemented, the supposed and actual outcomes, and effectiveness of these changes… View Article

Study summary

The issue of “profiling” among in policing is not a new concern and considering the efforts devoted against the practice as well as other forms of discrimination, the evidence of its prevalence in the study of Alpert, MacDonald and Dunham (2005) is alarming. The researchers’ main objective was to determine if racial, situational and demographic… View Article

The Tempe Police Department

INTRODUCTION The Tempe police department is actively engaged in COP/POP or Community Oriented Policing/Problem Oriented Policing.  Tempe excels at presenting crime information to the community via the use of the internet.  The main problems facing the Tempe police department include how to track COP activities and problem solving techniques.  Recently, the IT functions of the… View Article

Why would I prefer to go to jail ?

Once, while traveling a co-passenger told me a real life event of a young Indian software professional, who believed very firmly in communism. This young Indian, while traveling in that communist country, happened to casually chat with his European co-passenger, and that chat included some criticism on functions of the Government of that country. At… View Article

The New Frontier Politics and Social Change

The decade of the 1960s is a link between the past and the future. The exciting images and events of the 1960s were traces and shadows of the previous two decades and at the same time served as the influences of the present. The same decade characterized the U.S. history with the emergence of new… View Article

Police Code of Ethics

Professions and associations of criminal justice have canons of professional reliability. The morally idyllic police scheme would be with integrity and nothing confusing regarding it (no deceitfulness or mischief); no discrimination and no disrepute for the restrictions of law or how it is imposed.  All that made privately would be just as if it’s made publicly…. View Article

The Reform Era of Policing (Foot Patrol vs. Automotive Patrol)

I. Introduction Police patrolling is very important in a certain community whether using an automobile patrol or simply by just foot patrolling. But of course there are advantages and disadvantages between these two in terms of keeping order in the community, responding in the crime or accident scenes, apprehending some criminals or violators.  What are… View Article

Police Application Process

The different steps in a typical police application process include the following: A written test. There are two written tests in the selection process: The first test is the Alberta Communication Test (ACT) and The Alberta Physical Readiness Evaluation for Police (A-PREP). There is a Screening Interview were the applicants is contacted by a File… View Article

Three Processses Of Deception

Deception has long been used in the detecting process of criminal cases.  There are three stages of deception during a detecting process which may have variations depending of the degree of the criminal process.  The three stages of detecting involve investigation, then interrogation, and finally to testimonial.  Law officers, such as policemen, generally employ deception… View Article


Police generally perceive the risk of injury, assault, and even death to be greatest for domestic violence calls. Why do police have these beliefs, and what is the reality of the situation? When responding to calls few inspire more dread among police officers than answering to a domestic call. Police have generally the perception of… View Article

Accidental Death of an Anarchist

Q) Critically analyze the Figure of Madman in Dario Fo’s play The Accidental Death of an anarchist. A) Dario Fo’s play The Accidental Death of an Anarchist (1970) lies in the category of revolutionary theatre that challenges the fascist regime of Italy. The play is a farce based on events involving a real person, Giuseppe… View Article

Physical Preparedness Of Columbus Police

Describe in one page or less how you would select the Columbus Police patrol officers to be surveyed. The Research Project: Physical Preparedness of Columbus Police Officers in Citizen Encounters Involving Force. Target Panel: Respondents of this research should have the following qualifications: Must be between the age of  21 – 35 Must have 6… View Article

Evaluating Eligibility Rules

In determining which eligibility rules can be associated with the Lakeland Police Department, it the objectives of such institution must be looked into before going through the details in which such rules apply. The institution provides public and security measures to the community it holds. They promote the welfare of the people around them under… View Article

Policing Reforms

When reading the case study from Chapter eight in “Criminal Justice Organization” that dealt with policing reforms and how to implement those several questions were raised at the end of the chapter that I would like to address.  The first was the obstacles to those putting these reforms into place.  What were the issues and… View Article

Police Shooting

The claim that the NYPD is becoming trigger-happy cannot really be said conclusively without comparing it to other large metropolitan areas in the United States and when doing so it seems that the answer is, at the present time, no.  In 1999, 11 people died at the hand of an officer in New York, in… View Article

Police Professionalism

Professionalism refers to the skill, competence or standards expected of a member of a profession. It involves the adoption of a set of values and attitudes by members of an occupation that are consistent with a professional ideology. Professionalization is a process of legitimization an occupation goes through as it endeavors to improve its social… View Article

Police Perception In My Community

INTRODUCTION AND RATIONALE Community Oriented Policing is a philosophy and not a specific tactic, It is a proactive, decentralized approach, designed to reduce crime, disorder, and by extension, fear of crime, by intensely involving the same officer in the same community on a long-term basis, so that residents will develop trust to cooperate with police… View Article

Police Discretion

Discretion was defined to be the selection among possible path of actions. It was rampant and has great importance in the criminal justice. Discretion can be looked at different perspectives such as discretion-as-judgment, discretion-as-choice, discretion-as-discernment, discretion-as-liberty and discretion-as-license.  In the discretion-as-judgment, discretion is perceived as the converse of routine or habitual practices. In line with… View Article

Police deviance

Introduction      Policing has a great potential for abusive conduct where police officers become perpetrators of various crimes. Aside from the exposure to the world of crime there is the inherent police culture which is generally susceptible to corruption. Police misconduct ranges from “the excessive use of deadly force, excessive use of physical force, discriminatory… View Article

Police Deviance And Accountability

Introduction     “The ethically ideal police system would be one with integrity and nothing puzzling about it (i.e., there would be neither corruption nor misconduct). There would be no us-against-them and no disrespect for the limits of the law or how it’s enforced. Everything done in private would be just as if it was done… View Article

Police Departments’ Use of Racial Profiling

Introduction       The concept and practice of racial profiling by the law enforcement agencies specifically, the police, has drawn the attention and concern of the public including the government. Racial profiling is defined as “the practice of targeting individuals for police or security interdiction, detention or other disparate treatment based primarily on their race or… View Article

Police Control of Juveniles

The paper that was written by Donald J. Black and Albert J. Reiss Jr. started by the definition of the deviance as a behavior in a group wherein there is a chance that there is a sanction when deviant behaviors are detected. This control approach as defined by the authors is a process carried on… View Article

Police Ethics

For every profession, there is an associated code of ethics, which dictate the norms for the practice of that particular profession. Thus we have business ethics and medical ethics to guide professional in the relevant fields. These guidelines are ethical codes, based on moral reasoning, formed to deliver the good (product or service) through proper… View Article

Police and Lethal Force

Police work entails expectedly many opportunities for misuse of authority or the excessive use of force which is not necessary when in the line of duty (Strack 1994; ACLU 1991). This is a primary issue that concerns policing and the grave and abusive conduct of men in uniform whether they are in the United States… View Article

Police Administration

The role of police in the safety of the community has long been recognized.  It is thus of great importance that the operations behind the police system be well understood in order to identify points that are considered to be exemplary, as well as areas which are in need of further evaluation and reorganization.  This… View Article

Police surveillance

Police surveillance can be a good thing but it can also be a bad thing. There are morale and ethical implications concerned with police surveillance. This literature review will thoroughly examine police surveillance. The level of police surveillance and information gathering that exists continues to be discussed by scholars. There are many perspectives when discussing… View Article

Police work with juveniles

Introduction             This term paper tackles the issue of police work with juveniles.  For purposes of this paper therefore, juvenile delinquency should be understood to refer to any antisocial or criminal behaviour by children or adolescents (Quint, Andrew Reisig & Mueller, 1996)             On Friday June 1996, a 9 year old and 11 year old… View Article

Powers of police

Polo Games limited was initially involved in manufacture and sale of electronic typewriters changed its product line and started developing and manufacturing hand held computer games and devices. From the scenario of this company it comes out clearly that the company was involved fraudulent and counterfeiting practices and as such it was suspected of having… View Article

Minorities and Women in Criminal Justice

There are many key issues impacting minorities and women in the criminal justice system . Sexism still exists in the United States. Sexism against women is shown in the media and indicates that sexism still pervades in our society. Another key issue is the overrepresentation and disparities among minorities in the criminal justice system. After… View Article