The Importance of Body Cameras for Solving the Problem of Police Brutality

Police brutality has become such a large problem in today's society. There have been many controversial incidents that have involved unexplainable deaths in the media. Body cameras would be able to provide the public with evidence that proves police officer's innocence. Many cases that have occurred over time have challenged police officer's motives. The public questioned whether or not the police are actually here to protect the public. Police officers should wear body cameras to ensure other police officers and civilian's safety and well being.

Body cameras have reduced the amount of police brutality in other areas in the world.

There are a few different reasons why body cameras are shown to be useful. First of all, body cameras can be used for evidence. The public won't be able to point their fingers and blame police officers if that police officer has specific evidence to what actually happened during the crime. Another reason why body cameras are useful would be because they could be used as a type of fear factor.

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Police officers are less likely to ask out and go against the law if they know they are being recorded. The body cameras would also decrease the chance of a criminal doing something to hurt the police officer because they wouldn't want the evidence of that incident with their face in it. An example of injustice would be the case of Trayvon Martin.

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It was said that Zimmerman who was a police officer, felt uncomfortable and very suspicious of Trayvon Martin. Trayvon Martin at the time was just walking on the streets at night next to Zimmerman. Zimmerman followed Trayvon Martin to see if he was doing anything illegal. The two had a conflict and there were shots fired from Zimmerman's gun, which resulted to Trayvon's death. Nobody knows exactly what happened that night because there was not any specific evidence that proved Zimmerman's innocence or showing him being guilty. Since there was not any direct evidence, there is no way to know for sure who actually started the fight that night.

If a body camera were put to good use, then there would be some clear evidence and complete and fair justice. The evidence would be able to show who was truly at fault. There are many types of disadvantages that involve police officers wearing body cameras but I don't agree with the. Body cameras might invade privacy of civilians but I still believe they are needed. For example, if there was a police officer that entered someone's home with a camera, that would be a major invasion of privacy. The video footage from the body camera could be leaked out to the public. Some people might think that the video footage would be the government surveying their citizens.

Civilians might start believing that the government and police are trying to spy on them. People would start to have a problem with their privacy being invaded and start to lose trust in both the police and the government, There is also no telling whether or not police officers would obey the rules that go along with the body cameras. Police officers should have a duty to tell civilians that they are filming because then they would not cause any unnecessary drama with each other. Body cameras are needed in today's world. The long-term goal for body cameras would be keeping the world a lot safer. There are other countries other than the United States that use body cameras and have found out that the use of them have helped out their own communities. Body cameras have changed the way that some police officers and civilians act towards one another. The body cameras can make people more civil because they do not want to be seen as someone who causes trouble. Body cameras are also needed in the world because they show evidence to crimes. They make sure that cases are fair and serve justice.

Updated: Oct 28, 2022
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