Philosophy Essay Topics

Business Studies with Specialisms

Discuss the characteristics of the scientific method which makes it superior over other methods as a means of obtaining new and reliable knowledge Introduction Marketing research has borrowed liberally from other disciplines; this is not surprising because research methodologies and techniques have application over many fields of study. Like other emerging disciplines, marketing research theory… View Article

A belief is knowledge if it coheres with other accepted beliefs

Explain and illustrate one criticism of the view that a belief is knowledge if it coheres with other accepted beliefs Coherentism is the Philosophical idea that truths should not be looked at individually. They should rather be looked at, as a whole. The coherence theory can be put into two parts. These are the coherent… View Article

A Small Excerpt From My Autobiography

Insecurity shrouded me like a cold blanket. I wanted to cry, but the tears evaded my pale cheeks, held back by the numbness, the shrill, shrieking numbness that flowed though my veins chilling my blood. Comprehension escaped my every thought. My entire world had just collapsed instantaneously, like a fragile tower built from a pack… View Article

Aesthetics – the issue of the possible existence

Burke follows in the empirical tradition of Locke. He believes that all human knowledge comes out of impressions or sense experiences. We then take these simple bits of knowledge and combine them to form more intricate ideas. Our imagination is limited to use of the knowledge we extract from our impressions and are, therefore, incapable… View Article

What is a person?

What is a person? A fundamental question of our experience of the world, yet one finds it a challenge to distinguish between a person, and a human-being (a representation of the human species -homo-sapiens). The concepts are very simple; they are non-identical and the both concepts can be approached differently. The concept of a person… View Article

War of the worlds

1) WHAT IS “REAL” IN THIS ARTICLE? ANYTHING YOU DESCRIBE AS “REAL,” BACK UP WITH EVIDENCE. In an environment where we are greatly influenced by authorative knowledge, it is immensely difficult to state that anything is “real.” In this article this is exactly the point. The reader is lead to believe certain so called facts… View Article

The Wife of Bath’s Prologue

Does the Wife make a good case for more than one marriage in the first 162 lines of the Wife of Bath’s Prologue? The Wife of Bath clearly believes strongly in a woman’s right to marry freely. However, whether she puts her argument across effectively is a different matter. Her position to marriage is in… View Article

The Rebirth of Dialogue: Bakhtin, Socrates, and the Rhetorical Tradition

Plato wrote dialogues. Mikhail Bakthin constructed a literary theory based on dialogue. And as part of this theoretical work, Bakhtin interpreted the dialogues of Plato. Rhetorical scholars have always been interested in Plato; recently, they have shown considerable interest in Bakhtin as well. Surely, then, someone has already undertaken a systematic study of Plato and… View Article

Cave present us with a coherent picture of Plato’s ideas

The purpose of the simile of the Sun is to show the difference between knowledge and opinion. In the world of opinion the sun gives light for us to gain empirical knowledge through sight. Objects (such as tables and mugs) and concepts (such as beauty and love) are part of the world of opinion because… View Article

Do you find any of the arguments for cognitivism convincing?

Cognitivism, also referred to as moral realism, is a belief held that morality is independent of human existence. Cognitivists will state that there are such things as moral facts which we can discover, rather than morals being subjective and developed individually. To them, each judgment is true or false, and this applies to any moral… View Article

How to create a completely peaceful world

To create a fully peaceful world, both Federalism and non-violent resistance are necessary. Federalism and non-violent resistance can cooperate well to completely eliminate war in the world. In this essay, I am arguing that neither federalism nor non-violent resistance can achieve a peaceful world independently. War comes from conflicts between communities or nations. We can… View Article

What is the Truth

When a person goes to court and is asked to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth, can we assume that the person giving the statement is telling us facts that are based on a past occurrence or are they actually giving us what they think is the way something happened… View Article

What are Mill’s four main arguments in defence of freedom of speech?

Which, in your opinion, is the weakest argument? Explain what objections might be raised to this argument, and consider what responses (if any) might be raised to these objections on behalf of Mill. In defending freedom of speech and ideas from suppression and censorship, subject to the Harm Principle, Mill laid down four arguments to… View Article

Argument as Inquiry

“Sometimes the purpose of an argument is to generate truth, which will then resonate with an audience and be persuasive, but persuasion is the by-product and not the goal” (Weeblog). As a society, the importance of communication and the never ending search for truth has motivated great scholars and thinkers alike to express their ideas… View Article