Philosophers and Societal Responsibilities

A position about what qualities of leaders and what duties of individuals should be considered in order to make a given group/team/organization most productive, leaders become good Leaders to society once they have taken the right steps to be called a good leader. The steps that convey a vigorous leader would be a leader that listens openly to others ,give clear directions, and helps members identify and solve conflicts. A leader is fully grown once they have taken all the steps to become a fine leader.

In order to become effective they will have to go through the process of growing with the people. By this I mean they have to be honest with them as well as the people by being honest this creates credibility resulting in the trust of the people.

In the article “The Phaedo: The Death Of Socrates 360 BCE” gives examples of effective leadership. Plato makes sure that his people make clear decisions so, he openly listens to others he wants them to make sure their actions aren’t harmful to themselves or to others.

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In the article it states “ No, I have found you in all this time in every way the noblest and gentlest and best man who has ever come here, now I know your anger is directed against others, not against me, for you know who are to blame” (2). He understands that if he shows affection to his people it helps him gain respect. The effective leadership that Plato sets out was considerable because he completely opened his mind to nobleman.

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He gave him his opinion on what to do so he would not make the mistake of blaming others.

In the article “ The Prince ( Machiavelli) CHAPTER XVII-CONCERNING CRUELTY AND CLEMENCY, AND WHETHER IT IS BETTER TO BE LOVED THAN FEARED” gives information of Leadership qualities because of the way he places hatred aside and loves. Machiavelli believes that a prince should forgive and not designate his main focus is to show peace and loyalty to the people. It states “Nevertheless a prince ought to inspire fear in such a way that, if he does not win love, he avoids hatred; because he can ensure very well being feared whilst he is not hatred”(2). He handles conflict because he rather see his people with positive vibes instead of negative ones, he wants his people to feel empowered. The reason as to why Machiavelli has Leadership qualities is because he keeps his hands off other people’s property he does not want to be in people’s things. He wants to help but not invade people’s privacy,this shows that he truly cares for his people and not just himself.

In the article “De Officiis” it demonstrates how Cicero wants to control people by telling them what they should do. Individuals will not listen to a leader that tries to over control them for example if he gives rude and unjustifiable commands and yells at them.It states “ In a word, before undertaking any enterprise, careful preparation must be made” (1). This demonstrates how a leader should take no consideration to what comes to mind because he has to act and do it. There has to be possible outcomes of an operation played out in order to succeed and do the things that have to be done. Cicero showed no possibility of becoming a healthy leader. He handled certain situations and by telling individuals of a way they should live and think of themselves .

Leaders can become greater than they already are if they listen to their people. A Leader can not be controlling of the people and expect them to trust and respect if he/she is not doing anything in their part to earn the respect. In order to become a magnificent leader you have to go out of your way to help people, trust your people, encourage to become greater and delegate responsibilities. Therefor, a leader can be making great actions but, a simple mistake can ruin his/her reputation they have to be very cautious of what they do and how they do it.

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