Rights and Responsibilities

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First of all, I want to tell you one important thing. Everybody has some rights and some responsibilities. Our rights are what every human being deserves, no matter who they are or where they live, so that we can live in a world that is fair and polite. Of course since these rights are for everybody, that means we all have to take a responsibility too. A responsibility is something that is your job to do something about, or to think about.

It is something that affects our lives and other people’s lives. As everybody knows, children have rights and if you want to know them, you should read UN convention. There are a lot of types of rights.

The most important rights is right to protection, because nowadays there are a lot of stories about exploitation and neglect. Perhaps every day somebody talks about this topic on TV. To be honest, I know my rights, but I don’t forget about my responsibilities.

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It’s very important to me, because It’s very hard to live only by rights. We should think about every person, because they might lose their rights, if we don’t know about our responsibilities. When we move out into the world, we learn more about the responsibilities which go with our rights. We learn that some things that humans do are not acceptable because we are not considering the rights of others. For example, things like telling lies, cheating, bullying, violence, destroying other’s belongings and stealing.

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Children are curious about the world, and it seems no matter how much information that you give them they are continuously seeking more. Political views are typically something that children at least initially pick up from their parents. Regardless of a parent’s political affiliation and viewpoint, it is only fair to teach children about a bigger picture so they can grow up informed and capable of making their own decisions. Teaching children about politics can be either a path you choose for them or a doorway to their own political feelings.

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Rights and Responsibilities

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