Personal Strengths

My Personal Strengths
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Strengths My personal strengths involve my seriousness as well as concentration when studying or working. In other words, it appears that almost everything does not distract me, especially when I am doing what I am attracted or what I care for. This ability enables me to accomplish my study in a fast and effective way. In addition, being good at managing time is also improve my work as when I take advantage of time management skill, means I arrange the…...
Selfawareness is the ability to recognize one’s personal
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Self-awareness is the ability to recognize one's personal strengths, weaknesses, traits, values and key motivators without attachment to being right or wrong, designing your lifestyle or your own terms and teaches you best how to acknowledge and manage other people while being totally honest with yourself. According to (Duval and Wicklund 1972) Self-awareness is said to be the motivational state that occurs when one's attention is completely on self an object or subject to be evaluated. Self-awareness is important and…...
Evaluation Of Strengths And Weaknesses Education
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Everyone has special qualities about themselves that give them their individuality. These qualities can be dissected into specific qualities called strengths and weaknesses. To grow as a person, we have to identify our own strengths to help us overcome our weaknesses. Understanding the learning types and behaviors of each makes me more aware of how I should pattern myself to learn more effectively, and not punish myself for thinking one way of learning would be better than another. I will…...
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Personal SWOT Analysis – Oneself / Myself
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To be successful in today’s competitive world it’s absolutely essential for one to be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of oneself, as well as the opportunities and threats that are presented. By having awareness of these four aspects, it’s possible to use them for one’s advantage. If a person can identify and understand their strengths and opportunities they will know where to tread with confidence and security. However, if one can realize the weaknesses and threats posed to…...
Personal Goals or Aspirations in Connection with This Research Project
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There are certain qualities that I will need for my future career aspiration. There are some personal strengths that will help suit me for my chosen career. There are necessary skills that I must possess to help me work well with others. Knowing what those skills are will help me maximize my talents and my strengths. In addition, knowing what role effective intrapersonal and interpersonal communication play will also help me in my future success. My future career aspiration is…...
Psychology of Personality
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The method by which a person can seek to be successful in the varied areas of their life, can be pin pointed to how well a person is aware of them self. To be more specific, the person needs to have an understanding of self-awareness and the connection it has to success. "Self-awareness is fundamental to self-leadership. Leaders who have mastered self-awareness are realistic and accurate when they assess their personal strengths and weaknesses." (Watson, 2004). Thereby self-awareness comes from…...
Personal Strengths and Weaknesses
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Strengths and weaknesses are important to us as individuals in order to make a difference in correlation to personal growth. Our individuality is further intensified by each of us having different goals, priorities and other special qualities. In writing this paper I plan to clearly define and identify each of my strengths and weaknesses. I believe this class is definitely giving me a greater understanding of the different techniques and methods that will allow me to improve my learning process.…...
Personal Strengths and Weaknesses: My Experienses
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This paper concerns the personal strengths and weakness of my own life. The details I will be presenting are what I consider my best and worst strengths and weaknesses. The purpose of this paper is to clearly define each of these and figure out a way to learn how to solve my weaknesses and make my strengths even stronger. Identifying personal strengths and weaknesses are essential part of the overall learning processes. Just as we understand which methods and techniques…...
?A Personal Strength
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Being able to recognize our own strengths and weaknesses can help us become better individuals in anything we choose to do, whether it is our positive abilities and skills that can help achieve our goals or negative personal areas that need improvement. Knowing yourself and what you can do, can help you recognize and overcome your weaknesses. My greatest strength is my ability to be a well-organized individual. I tend to write down what I have to do on paper…...
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