Personal Assessment of Strengths

Every being possess strengths and weaknesses which varies from individual to individual. An individual’s strength might be a weakness to another individual. Strength is a virtue that one possesses which comprises of skills and experiences. There are several tests out there that streams out personalized strengths and weaknesses but from my own perspective the Clifton strengths finder assessment and SWOT( Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats ) analysis gives a detailed insight of one’s personality. Upon completing the Strengths finder the results instantly stunned me as my personality was presented to me in writing.

It almost seems like I’ve met a seer. My top five strengths{ Arranger,Intellection,Winning Others Over(WOO) and Beliefs} clearly describes the caliber of human I am. Diving into the in toto of my strengths it is without doubts that these traits are intertwined with my leadership style(s) I have embraced – Democratic leadership style( collective contribution of ideas and thought processes into decision making and propelling a company or organization to greater heights), Laissez-faire leadership style( open-door policy in full effect and employees are given the leeway to contribute freely in the decision making process and other avenues in regards to growth and development although supervision is definitely of essence in some cases) and Paternalistic leadership style( family-oriented approach that has welfare, strategy and control are the focal points).

Being a very open-minded individual I am always open ideas and concepts which corelates with a democratic and laissez-faire leadership style. Possessing a fascination for fresh ideas and critical thinking ( putting thoughts together and finding solutions to critical problems).

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As a result of this direct relationship I feel I would perform well as a Manager in any establishment(company or organization). I possess all the key functions ( planning, controlling, communication, welfare, employee rapport ) considered to be a profitable management and goal-oriented strategy. In running an organization I’ll say an open door-policy is the perfect strategy in gearing the organization or business to heights that are aimed at. Employees are the backbones of a business or organization; they bring fresh ideas and put in the work collectively to maintain both the mission and vision statements that has been set.

From my own perspective creating an environment in which control, awareness of responsibilities delegated, welfare, equality, mutual respect and openness are centralized strategies within the organization will enable for goals to be attained swiftly. When these strategies settle in within the organization employees feel a sense of comfortability and are able to put in their all consequently leading to increased productivity. However, I am human and I definitely have aspects of my personality or traits that needs to be worked on. We constantly channel perfectionism forgetting that we’re mere mortals and continuous improvement keeps us moving or makes us better. Time Management and multi tasking are the traits that I need to work on in order for me to become a better leader or manager. These are different from the strengths that emerged after the strengths finder assessment. When we look at the world holistically especially at this time and flexibility are major factors that when gained mastery of will bring incredible results.

Today and in the long run I will continue to implement my strengths through university to the work place but mostly use WOO, Intellection and Ideation. Eager to learn and being open minded I will attract new ideas bringing diverse individuals into my circle which will aid me to improve my mental faculties( challenge me in thinking deep and conversing with other people about critical problems). How can the primary functions of management{ planning(laying out the map on the table-setting the goals of a company or organization or evaluating existing ones),organizing(strategically bringing scare/limited resources(factors of production-land, labour, capital and Entrepreneur) together and ensuring effective delegation is in full effect), leading(effective delegation ,supervising and monitoring in order for the work to be done) and controlling(monitoring all activities in order for the objectives of the business or organization to be reached)}be attained?

Lets look at three management concepts that are applicable to most businesses or organizations’ work environment- Theory X and Y, Henri Fayol’s principles of management and Peter Drucker management theory that are geared towards fulfilling the key functions of management. Theory X and Y is a personality based strategy used to categorize employees according to their demeanor they give off. Theory X applies to individuals that are not ambitious and require incentives to be pushed to do the job; these workers need close supervision. On the flip side, Theory Y applies to those individuals that are driven and take pride in their responsibilities/duties. Because of this, these employees do not need close supervision and brings great ideas to the organization consequently leading increased productivity and consistency in regards to being successful. Drucker’s theories of management{MBO(Management By Objectives), SMART Method and Decentralization} focuses on empowering employees in reaching their full potentials in order to attain a company’s or organization’s objectives. The MBO which is a phrase formulated in his book “the practice of management,’’, published in 1954 actually measures the performance of employees as compared to typical standards for the jobs; the SMART method is ensuring that an objective is authentic. Drucker’s believed that managers should implement this method to make sure the objective is measurable, attainable, reasonable and time-oriented. He also believed that managers should have a control system within the work space so that the tasks set or delegated will be acted upon thereby empowering employees.

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